How to transfer contacts from HTC explorer to PC

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I want to transfer my contacts from my HTC explorer to my PC and then I want to copy the contacts to Galaxy S-II. How to do that?


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If you have them stored as Google contacts, and have syncing of your contacts turned on, then logging into the same Google account on your SII will be enough: they'll just synch to the new phone.

Otherwise, the simplest is probably to go into the phonebook on the HTC, select "export" in the phonebook app's settings (should be there when in "People" view, i.e. when viewing the whole phonebook). This copies the contacts to a vcard file (.vcf) on the sd card. Copy that to the PC (so you have a backup), then copy to the new phone and "import" it into the phonebook of the new phone.


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You could always use Google.

And these days most manufacturers have their own apps for setting up a new phone that let you transfer not only contacts but a lot more wirelessly from old to new phones. HTC's is called HTC Transfer Tool and Samsung's is called Smart Switch.