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How to: Transfer data from one micro sd card to another?

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Gary Boyles, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Gary Boyles

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    I purchased a 64 gb micro sd card to replace the 16 gb card that I have in a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. I copied the entire contents of the 16 gb card to my computer but when I try to copy the data from the computer to the new 64 gb card I get error messages. I have taken my phone, computer and both cards to two AT&T stores and neither could do any more than I could. Any help on how to make the data transfer successfully?

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Sounds like the symptoms of a counterfeit SD. You should be able to do it no problem. Where did you buy the new 64GB SD? There's a lot of fake SDs around, especially cheap from online vendors. Definitely worth checking it with SD Insight.

    For a genuine one, you should see the maker and correct stated capacity.
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  3. Haley Madison

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    Yes, Mikedt is right! In the market lot of fake SD is selling. Exchange it.
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  4. PRkid

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    I bought an SD card a couple months back and decided to put it in my phone finally last week. (64gb Samsung). I copied everything from the SD to the computer then from the computer to the new SD card. Everything went good until I looked through the pics on my new SD card and seen a lot of error looking pictures. It was actually an 8gb card made to look like a 64gb. So the 8gb was filled with pics/videos and the rest of the gbs was just blank. The guy I bought it from on eBay had deleted his account so I was able to do nothing. This page helped a lot to see if I had a fake SD card: http://www.happybison.com/reviews/how-to-check-and-spot-fake-micro-sd-card-8/ Hope it helps.
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  5. AMOCO

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    This how I did mine.

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