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how to transfer data to your micro sd

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 817bistro, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. 817bistro

    817bistro Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I had the g2x for awhile now, an I found the internal memory getting full. So I got the lexar 32gb class 10 from buy dot com. It was like $89. It installed perfect, no formatting needed. Pretty much plug an play. Then I noticed nothing would really save to it. I searched the forum for answers an found none. So mb this will help someone else. G2x comes with Polaris office. Open Polaris, cut, copy, paste one at a time. Paste to_ExternalSD. With the entire contents of the phone copied to external, delete the phone memory. I think it says format internal memory. Now by default everything goes to my card rather than my internal. Hope this will help someone.

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  2. Matt3166

    Matt3166 Member

    Sweet! Thanks for the tip, been looking for something like this. I hate the way they set up this SD card function.
  3. Member196159

    Member196159 Guest

    Won't let me do this.

    I went into Polaris, cut everything from the internal and paste it to the _ExteranlSD, went to Settings > SD card & phone storage > unmount the Phone Memory > Format Phone memory.

    Downloaded a picture and it want back to the Internal SD.

    I tried unmounting the phone storage only, so I'll just have the SD card storage, but it wouldn't let me. It's both or neither.
  4. 817bistro

    817bistro Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Wow that worked great for me.it at least moved your whole phone to your card. Right? Now you have all your internal memory again?
  5. 817bistro

    817bistro Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ah that got me thinking. Assuming it moved all your data to the card, an now you have your 5.43 gb (I think) back. When that gets full again, do the same thing again to unload your internal to the card. Either way, it gets the data to the card an keeps your internal free.
  6. Member196159

    Member196159 Guest

    Yea, I was able to move it all to the SD card.

    However, if I download something it automatically saves it back at the internal memory.

    Not a big deal. At least it's easy to clean.

    The best part? I'm able to get rid of ES File Explorer and just use Polaris Office. I know ES has more features, but I don't need them, just an extra app that I won't be using much.

    So in the end, it helps. :D
  7. 817bistro

    817bistro Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The only apps I can't get to run off the micro SD are gameloft games. An that's the ones taking up all the space. If anyone knows how to do that I could use a tip. ALL other apps seem to run fine off the card. I'm thinking gameloft has it set up like that for piracy reasons. Just guessing. Idk. But kinda sucks.
  8. Fred39

    Fred39 Lurker

    Along the same idea of moving everything from the internal memory to the SD card to save space, I want to move all my installed apps from internal memory to the SD card so I can then insert the SD card into a newer phone of the exact same brand and model. Along with swapping the SIM card will this allow me to instantly access all my apps or will they have to be re-installed? I've tried using Astro to see what apps are in the internal memory, but cannot seem to find them. But there are only a few apps on the SD card, so where are the rest of them? And then how do I move them? Or am I wasting my time because they won't work properly on the new phone without being re-installed?
  9. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Android Expert

    @Fred39: It will NOT work.
  10. DYER

    DYER Lurker

    ^so your saying, if I go to my app manager a press the move to SD card, It wont actually do it? T mobile just sent me my second g2x, amongst all the other problems I'm having with this phone AND the service, I can't seem to find the apps that I had moved to my SD tcard prior to switching phones. I know i can re download them from the market but, why would it give me the choice to move them all in one swoop!?also the contacts didn't import or export but that's something else!
  11. giggoman

    giggoman Lurker

    There is no such function available in my copy of Polaris. What are you guys talking about ???

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