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How to turn off vibrate? Grrr

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marsandbeyond, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. marsandbeyond

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    I want to turn off vibrate on my epic 4g (the one with the keyboard). I want vibrate completely off and never to vibrate for any reason. I find it very irritating. I can feel it thru the table when the phone is a couple feet away.
    I went thru every app and turned off notifications, said no vibrate, etc. But it still seems to shake rattle and roll every couple of minutes.
    My guess is it will be necessary to root the phone in order to gain control of this "feature". The phone is great otherwise. I don't expect to gain much if any battery life. But due to sensory issues when this thing clicks and shakes it TICKS ME OFF. :mad::mad: Breaks my concentration in whatever I am doing.:thinking:
    My other idea I will try is to create a silent ringtone. It appears some dumb dumb dummy at some point decided that silent=vibrate. NO.:( I want silent not a mini earthquake instead of a sound. Maybe turning on notifications with a ringtone composed of silence will work so the phone only thinks it is annoying me. For things like severe weather alerts I can still choose a loud alert. For every sms and email why would I want to be rudely shaken?
    This is not the haptic keypress feedback. Was able to turn that thing off. This is some other thing doing it when no one is touching the phone.
    So how do you cure a phone from epileptic seizures??:rolleyes:

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