Android Enthusiast
Jan 3, 2013
i just got this a51 from tracfone yesterday as an upgrade from the a21 they sent me last year. it took hours to get all my data on the a51 using samsung's backup and then using the smart switch but it finally made it. now it will not turn off. also it must have done 6 updates for android for the same update. so i had to turn on developer and then select no factory auto updates. anyway i press the power button and i get bixby and so i tried to turn that off and now i get bixby and the message that says it takes a week to get me off that system before i can get back on it if i need to.

so where do i go on the a51 to get the power button to actually allow it to turn off. now i have to swipe the top down and then there is a notice that i tap and it tells me to turn it off there.
so does any here have a fix for that.
ok another question when i paly games i get 2 icon type buttons in the tray one brings up called game booster and one seems to lock the screen these are not on my a21 that is 9 months old and running the same OS 11 so it has to be on this phone somewhere and when i do the how to turn this off online i get lots of ideas and noe work. none of the suggested way are on my phone. there has to be a way to just get this gone. i disabled game launcher and a bunc of other things and it failed so i reset all the permissions so i would not get so far into messing the phone up and forget what i did.

also how do you take bixby off the phone and gone forever? it is a useless app, about as bad as alexa and hey google. so i had it disabled but it un disabled when i reset the permissions. can't turn off the framework notices or force stop it or disable that part