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How to unbrick Huawei M835

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cosuji121, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This How To UNbrick your huawei m835 phone step by step.
    To tell if your phone is bricked it should only show just the huawei logo or the android logo when you try turn it on and no key combination works to boot into recovery, if u can boot into recovery, dont use this guide.

    1) Click This Link to download Huaweis Oringinal Software. ---->HUAWEI M835 - Huawei Device Co., Ltd..
    a)Click on the software tab and select the first file there. It may or may not show an error but dont worry just refresh the page and the download will start.
    2)When its done, open the M860V100R001C153B251SP03 folder (the folder you just downloaded).You should see another folder called dload and some instructions.If you dont understand what im saying then click the instructions in the folder.

    3)Connect your SD card NOT your m835 phone into the computer.

    4)Then drag the dload folder any were on the SD card.

    5)When thats done take out your battery and put it back in.

    6)Press and hold Volume Up + End Call + And The power button at the same time.(i know this sounds wrong but it works)

    7)Its Gonna Update your firmware.

    8)When its done Turn On your device and the screen that popped up when you first got your phone should appear.

    9)Continue with that and BAM your phone is now UNbricked.

    I hoped this worked and it helped you out alot.LOL i was pissed when my phone got bricked and an old friend helped me out with this.

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  2. JCarcuz323

    JCarcuz323 Lurker

    Im curious you have many views but no one has said thanks. :thinking:
  3. TBTE

    TBTE Android Enthusiast

    Either because no one was dumb enough to brick there phone or this didn't work, will try though if I ever brick it.
  4. MacinTime

    MacinTime Newbie

    This is very known in the Android filed too :p but it's useful to some.
  5. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Android Enthusiast

    I can say this works with any problem to fix its just a pain to root your m835 again
  6. TBTE

    TBTE Android Enthusiast

    So this community is basically me, Swis, and Macin.

    I'm fine with this, it isn't like I'm creating anything for the Admire so whatever.
  7. MacinTime

    MacinTime Newbie

    Well some people have to do it and it's sad because i know many people that use the m835 but i guess are to shy to speak on the forum, we need to rally up some more players :)
  8. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I didnt come up with this tutorial but I just tweaked it for m835 users.It was originally for the ascend. I found it a couple days after I bricked my m835 a couple months back and thought because it was so hard to find I should post it here.What it does is restore the phone to the latest release for the m835. The only next step is to root it again with superoneclick which takes around 10 minutes.
  9. TBTE

    TBTE Android Enthusiast

  10. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Android Enthusiast

    Also a problem I encounterd when I brick my phone by experimenting with ideos roms is that you have to put the dload folder on your sd card and since ultrajack recovery doesnt mount your sd card I had to use my other m835 to help me .... Otherwise perfect ..... ALSO STAY AWAY FROM FUSION IDEOS
  11. TBTE

    TBTE Android Enthusiast

    Lol I forgot how to ultrajack... better go install it again
  12. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i used the ascend recovery to do the whole thing
  13. TBTE

    TBTE Android Enthusiast

    Oh alrite
  14. Cartendo

    Cartendo Lurker

    Oh god thank you baby jesus and thank you cosuji121. I'm the idiot who managed to brick his phone -.-
    You don't even know how happy I am right now. DON"T.EVEN.KNOW. I created an account just to thank you :D
    Once THANK YOU!!!!!
  15. Lefty790420

    Lefty790420 Newbie

    Not quite as basic as that... I'm a longtime lurker. Fmi, does cm7 work better, but as stable as mate5?
  16. MyndCTRL

    MyndCTRL Well-Known Member

    I came over from the zte warp forum to check out some info on my wifes phone. Great guide to unbrick...i'll give it a shot if i ever get in trouble =D
  17. 420spawn

    420spawn Newbie

    It worked! I've done this so many times before but I forgot how. Thank you so much!!!!
  18. ricosf415

    ricosf415 Lurker

    yes this does work on the huawei m835 thx i also have the huawei m931 would u happen know how this method is done on this model?thx for any info

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