Android Question

I have lg optimus 9 and at some point I opened an option that allowed me to make words bold, underline etc.. as you can do on a computer so I know it is in here someplace... I have never found it again. can anyone point me to it?
Email is a TEXT medium - letters, numbers and punctuation. It wasn't designed to be anything else and there are no specs for anything else (and I hope that NEVER changes). There's no guarantee that the dancing balogna (thanks, Adam - or was it baloney?) you put on your email is going to be seen that way (or seen at all) by the person receiving it. (Which is why I love the fact that most spam has at least some HTML coding in the body - my main email server is set up to not save any email received with HTML in the body.)

If you want to send pretty pictures, use the camera to take a picture of the pretty text and email a link to the picture. If you want to send words to people, use email.