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how to update prl?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by msierra519, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. msierra519

    msierra519 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    how do we update our PRL? i go to device self service and try to update the profile or prl and get this error.

    The application OMADM
    (process com.htc.android.
    omadm) has stopped
    unexpectedly. Please try again.

    how do we do it?

  2. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    It is a glitch :). If you download the file here you can then push that to your phone. So using adb you would do the following. First put that omadm.apk file in your android-sdk-windows/tools folder. Then open a command prompt and cd to your android-sdk-windows/tools folder. Now enter the following commands:

    adb remount
    adb push OMADM.apk /system/app/OMADM.apk

    After that try and update your PRL again. It should work as long as the file pushed.
  3. msierra519

    msierra519 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ill try it when i get home from work...thanks!
  4. chinkster

    chinkster Android Enthusiast

    how do i push a file? i rooted with fresh kitchen so can you explain that process? i am using fresh 2.1.2 and i thought that fresh kitchen does not support 2.1.2 yet or something? please let me know thanks.
  5. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    Pushing a file involves knowledge of using the sdk. If you read through the guide I did, you will see how to minimally setup adb. Basically you will download the sdk, extract it to your C: drive and then use command prompt to make changes/push files, etc.
  6. chinkster

    chinkster Android Enthusiast

    the guide tells me to download the Windows file is called android-sdk_r4-windows.zip but on the website it has been updated to android-sdk_r06-windows.zip

    is it ok to dl that one?
  7. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    Indeed it is.
  8. aceofspades626

    aceofspades626 Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to update my PRL for a week with no luck.
    It just keeps sitting at the "your phone is preparing your services" screen.
    Same thing happens when I try to update profile.

    I already pushed the newest OMADM.

    Any ideas?
  9. jaybird

    jaybird Lurker

    exact same problem here...I have IcedHoneyBun (which is fantastic aside from this glitch, btw.) flashed and I either get this screen or the force close...I've also already pushed OMADM...any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
  10. jaybird

    jaybird Lurker

    ^^Well, just solved my own problem...the reason mine was still screwing up is because I pushed OMADM to the wrong folder....anyone doing this make sure to push it to /system/app/ ...I mistakenly pushed it to /system/apps/....now that it is corrected it is working just fine...thanks for the help!
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  11. aceofspades626

    aceofspades626 Well-Known Member

    whoa... I might have done the same thing... time to try that again
  12. vwvapor

    vwvapor Member

    The prl update seems to be hit or miss and can even download the prl of another network if you're on some various roms out there. For ease, I just download the *.prl file to my SD card and update via ##775#

    You'll need you're msl #, but that's easy enough to get once by calling Sprint CS if you don't already have it.

    (after you select the file from your SD card, don't forget to hit the menu button to confirm the change.)

    Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk
  13. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    ccapasso; Would you have to reboot after pushing that file to get it to work? Moreover, do you have to reboot after pushing any apk file? I was never clear on that...
  14. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    Never mind, i fixed it. Thank God.
  15. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw Newbie

    Pushed the apk and I'm still stuck on the preparing services. Also, I no longer have EVDO coverage. Great.

    Never mind. I rebooted and then tried to apply the update and it worked. You can push the file to the phone through the fresh kitchen.
  16. aceofspades626

    aceofspades626 Well-Known Member

    Thanks jaybird.
    I definitely made the same mistake. Corrected the push to the right folder and a quick reboot later I'm back in business.
    PRL 60666 !? when did that happen?
  17. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    I see you got it to work, glad to hear.

    To answer your question, you typically don't have to reboot after pushing an apk. This one you should not need to reboot.
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  18. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    K thanks. Only on certain pushes do you need to reboot, right? I was going to say like updates but that requires you to reboot in recovery and flash the update zip...yes?
  19. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    By the by, my phone still says 60665 for my PRL's :(
  20. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    Most pushes of apks do not need a reboot. I can't think of any I've done right now that have required one.

    Flashing recovery and flashing ROM's of course, do require a reboot as you have to boot into recovery to do it :)
  21. skoo9382

    skoo9382 Member

    sorry guys, i have a newbie questions. how do i put that omadm.apk file in your android-sdk-windows/tools folder?

    another question: will updated prl and profile help get rid of this terrible dialer lag? i read over on the other forum that updating the HTC Software Update helped, but would that mess up my rooted phone?

    (currently on Fresh 2.1.2)

    Thanks a head of time.
  22. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert


    To put the apk in your sdk/tools folder you do this wonderful thing called copy and paste. Download the file, then copy and paste it in that directory. If you are not familiar with adb, I highly suggest you read the tutorial I did as a reference so that you have some basic understanding.

    As for fixing the lag, technically it will not. All updating the PRL does is update the Primary Roam Locations (or towers) that are known. It will not mess up your phone.
  23. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    I remember an older message board i used to be on had this emoticon that would show a face laughing and rolling back and forth by doing :rolling

    This forum needs that emoticon.
  24. ronbien

    ronbien Well-Known Member

    Here you go:
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  25. CyborgNM156

    CyborgNM156 Lurker

    If I wanted to alter the PRL file contained in this thread so that it would work for my network, how would I go about doing that? I am not on Sprint I'm on MetroPCS here in Dall-A$$ TX.

    Also when dialing ##775# on my dialer it does NOT pull up the PRL update menus..I am on Darchstar 2.8 rom. Before on DamageControl 2.9 rom I was able to pull up the PRL menu. ANY ideas?

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