Feb 14, 2011
Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy 5 and it has really small internal memory. I want to upgrade to android 2.2 so I could save apps to my SD card. In samsung page it says that this smartphone can upgrade to froyo. So, how to do it? Please, I really need your help.
P.S. Can someone tell me - do this phone has multitouch?
i got this phone for my cousin and i updated it to froyo today.. will give you the links on how to do it by night after i check if all features are working fine..
2.2 is now on kies

Hi, if possible, please provide us the last three letters of your product code (for example XEU, XEF, CNX etc.) and tell us what is the build number of the 2.2 version you've downloaded using KIES. You could find it by typing *#1234#.

Thank you in advance, Tombot.
i have 75.83 mb internal memory. i cannot upgrade 2.2 new firmware. pls help me how to upgrade internal memory. it want atleast 3000mb. Thanks
Did you try to upgrade to 2,2 with Kies ???

When you have 2,2 then you can save your programs and so on Sd card.

Sorry my bad english.