How To How to use Galaxy S6 Edge Screen as an alarm clock at night


Galaxy S20 Ultra
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One very cool feature of the S6 Edge is being able to use the Edge screen as an alarm/night clock while the phone is sitting flat on your night stand.

To access this feature:
  1. Open settings
  2. Tap "Edge Screen"
  3. Tap "Night clock"
  4. Toggle to "On"
  5. Choose hours at which night clock will be active
If you're testing the Night Clock during the day it will be EXTREMELY difficult to see. You'll have to cup your hands around the time to see how the clock works. The S6 Edge Night Clock only appears when it's very dark in the room/location.


It's cool but for someone like me with my aging eyes, the font is way too small to see at night. Does anyone know how to make the clock display on the lock screen or an app that will display the clock while the phone is locked at night? I have a wireless charger that I put on my nightstand to charge the phone and I want the phone to double as my clock/alarm.


If you're familiar with an app called MacroDroid, you can easily do this. Basically MacroDroid will start whichever clock/alarm app you like, make sure the screen stays on for a specified time period, on specific days, and only when connected to the charger. If you have not used it, try it. It is amazingly easy to set up and can truly customize your android phone. You will find many other forum members that continuously recommended for different levels of customization
Thank you, I'm going to give that a shot.