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How to use Gameshark/Codebreaker codes with Gameboid

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by UnsureSherlock, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. UnsureSherlock

    Thread Starter

    Now, there obviously is no dedicated way to actually insert codes into your game (at least nothing has been implemented yet)
    However, there is a work-around for this. download VisualBoyAdvance for your PC. Grab your save from your sd card ("gametitle".sav), put it in the same directory as the game on your PC, and change the extension from ".sav" to ".sa1" (obviously without the quotes.)
    Next step is to start the emulator on your PC, load up the game you want to insert code into, then hit file > Import > Battery File...
    Select your .sa1 file, now you are playing the same game you are on your phone. VisualBoyAdvance has the ability to do Gameshark codes and Codebreaker codes. So insert whatever codes you like, save your game, rename the savefile back to having an extension with a .sav ending, and put the file back in the same directory as the game (on your phone).


    Keep in mind that this is just for permanent modifier codes, so it only affects things like item quantity, key items, pokemon, etc., and after you save your game and transfer the save back to your phone, the codes will no longer be in effect, just what you changed when the codes were on.

    (Also, excuse the poor English structure, I have a lot of percosets in my system right now and I'm not all really here. :) )

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  2. alienware777

    alienware777 Lurker

    Umm .sa1 files do not come up under import file, .sav files do. Anyways, how does export file work vba? It just exports the file that I started with, not the one that I just played for like an hour.
  3. UnsureSherlock

    Thread Starter

    Let clarify for people who can't follow directions. When saving your game, you save it as you would on your gameboy; in-game. After you save, close the emulator, I never said to export anything
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  4. alienware777

    alienware777 Lurker

    Yes, however when I save it that way, the file becomes corrupted. :( And still, importing won't work with .sa1 files.
  5. UnsureSherlock

    Thread Starter

    The your ROM is either corrupt or hacked. Get the most up to date VBA, and a non-hacked ROM or uncorrupt version and try again. This worked like a charm for me every time I did it.
  6. alienware777

    alienware777 Lurker

    The rom has worked on my Droid for ages. And I just downloaded VBA, so it is the most updated. BTW, I am playing Pokemon Emerald in case that matters. And again, .sa1 files are not recognized by import battery file. Should I keep it as .sav?
  7. UnsureSherlock

    Thread Starter

    Rename it to whatever your version of VBA needs to open for a sav, sav and sa1 are interchangeable formats and it does not matter if you change the extension on the file.
  8. itsrob

    itsrob Newbie

    Yeah. I followed the steps and it still doesn't work. Yes, I have the most up to date VBA and no my game isn't a hacked version. I'm trying to play Pokemon: Leaf Green.

    I couldn't get the game I started on Gameboid(from my phone) to work on VBA so I started a new game on VBA, put the codes/cheats in(which worked) and I THINK I got it converted to a .sav file-- I put that file on my phone and it just tries to start a new game...
  9. CyD

    CyD Newbie

    It worked for me.

    Take the .sav file from your phone and put it on your PC.
    Then import the file and the game will start.
    Use codes.
    Save and exit.
    Take .sav file from PC and copy/paste it onto phone.
  10. itsrob

    itsrob Newbie

    I did that, it's still not working. :( When I import it and try to load my saved game on my computer, it starts a new game.
  11. itsrob

    itsrob Newbie

    EDIT: K. Got my saved game on my phone on my comp, got the cheats in. Now when I save it, it saves as .vgm and doesn't work on my phone.
  12. UnsureSherlock

    Thread Starter

    You shouldnt be using savestates, you should save INGAME, which generates a .sa1 file (You should be using the most recent version of Visualboy advance. You don't EXPORT, you don't do any importing. All you do is Rename the extension .sa1 to .sav and upload it back to your phone. I really don't get what you people are having issues with, it's ridiculously easy.
  13. randomhero

    randomhero Lurker

    ok after many wasted hours i figured out how to do it lol and ill share it with you! im a nice guy i know...

    1. save the game using the games save method don't use the gameboid save (meaning menu->save->slot 1-9) for pokemon like i was having trouble with just hit start save game this way when the game starts it will say continue instead of new game and options.

    2. copy the rom file for the game and the sav file into a folder on the desktop don't copy multiple game saves into the folder as it can get confusing when your done.(make sure you have a back up file just in case)

    3. load the game in vba VisualBoyAdvance Homepage - Gameboy Advance Emulator dont import anything! (<- that tip would have saved me an hour!) just click on continue game.

    4. after the game loads up before you start entering your cheats. go to the top bar under cheats and select automatically save/load cheats. it froze on me a few times making me re-enter all the codes. checking this box will save you some time if it freezes.

    5. enter your cheats.

    6. when your done use the in-game save again(not file->save) it will alter your original file or create a new 64kb file.

    7. delete the file on your phone (have a backup) and copy the new file in its place.

    8. load the game if it says "file corupt loading last saved game" just save it in game and the message wont come up again.

    9. enjoy!

    any questions email at randomlyherhero@gmail.com
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  14. jgoetaski

    jgoetaski Lurker

    i really dont understand how to change the file from .sav to .sa1 its really confusing and im a little slow so can you email me more step by step instructions at jgoetaski@gmail.com. it will be very appricieated
  15. jgoetaski

    jgoetaski Lurker

    i need help on getting this to work. i need to no wat to download and how to change everything. somebody please help me cause i really want this to work
  16. jgoetaski

    jgoetaski Lurker

    i got it to work now when i load the file and when the game starts and says press start i hit enter and it says the internal battery has run dry. the game can be played
  17. topguy

    topguy Lurker

    this worked great for me until i had to put it back onto my phone, so heres what i did:

    1. saved in-game on VBA just as you said.

    2. Went to the directory on my phone where all my GBAs and SAVs are.

    3. Copy all saves there to your computer (as backups)

    4. Delete ALL traces of pokemon (or whatever game you are gamesharking :p) in the directory on your phone. this will allow you to start up gameboid without loading any previous state that is not gamesharked

    5. Copy in your gamesharked GBA and SAV from your computer to your phone.

    6. Run gameboid, load the game, and you should have your gamesharked game loaded when you load the in-game save :)

    then you can use the gameboid saves like you used to. you can now delete all the files off your desktop (if it worked :p) unless you would like to keep an old gameboid save. to do this copy the save you wish to keep (note these will not be gamsharked) back to your phone. you can see they are labeled by the slot they are in on gameboid.
    "ss1"-(slot 1)
    "ss2"-(slot 2)
    and so on. just transfer back all the slots except for the slot that has been gamesharked. for example, my friend plays in slot 2 on my phone so i transferred back his slot but deleted "ss0" and "ss1" because i saved those using gameboid's save feature after i gamesharked them :p

    I know its a long post and probably alot of useless info there but thats how i did it!
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  18. refthemc

    refthemc Well-Known Member

    Good info.
  19. Man

    Man Lurker

    I just don't get what I could be doing wrong. Is it because I'm trying to use gameshark for leaf green?
    1. I saved in game on my g1 and loaded onto computer
    2. Loaded leaf green rom and imported sav file
    3. Did the rare candy cheat
    4. Did the ingame save in vba on the sav file, but then where do you go to get the sav file with the rare candys? Is it somewhere in vba where I can find it, or is it just the original sav file in the same created folder with the leaf green rom in it that you had me create. If so, it isn't showing any modification to the file. Please help
  20. Ammox

    Ammox Lurker

    you have to save the game, in game on your phone(from the start menu)

    and then when you are moving the save file from your phone to your PC, the file should be in your rom folder and should end in ".sav", move this file and the rom you had on your fone to a new folder on you PC.

    Now you change the name of the savegame from ".sav" to ".sa1".

    start up VB and input the codes you desire, once you have saved your game ingame from the in game menu(start-save-overwrite-yes)the savegame file name should be something like "Pokemon - Leaf Green.sa1" or similar. That is your VB savegame.

    Now delete the original rom and savegame from your phone.

    And finally change the name of your savegame back to"sav", and move the newly edited savegame and your rom from your PC back to your fone and now you should have all the effects of your codes still working on the save.

    I really hope this helps, and appollogies if this post is overly long, I tried to make it as easy as possible.

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  21. klownin5643

    klownin5643 Well-Known Member

    worked great for pokemon sapphire. just loaded up the game rom from my phones memory card, popped in the cheats, and saved the game with the improved stats.. now i have enough pokeballs to last a lifetime.

    thanks for the help and ideas !
  22. Amarantamin

    Amarantamin Lurker

    Trying for hours now, can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... Here's exactly what I am doing, somebody please correct me :)

    1. Save game on Android phone via the in-game Save option (I never use savestates).

    2. Plug phone into computer, transfer .SAV file into the same PC folder that contains Pokemon Crystal. Change .SAV to .SA1.

    3. Load Pokemon Crystal via Visual Boy Advance, latest version. Import .SA1 file. Game resets.

    There is no 'Continue' option. I have tried the above both with and without importing the SA1 file. I have also tried importing the .SAV file. I have tried playing a New Game, saving it, and then using my save file from my phone to overwrite the one created on the PC. I still cannot seem to get a 'Continue' option that leads to my save file.

    EDIT: Also tried using the same ROM file that is on my phone, still no Continue option.
  23. Amarantamin

    Amarantamin Lurker

    Oh heck, I must have done something horribly wrong. Despite the original .SAV file still being in the GBC folder on my phone, the game now shows no 'Continue' option on my phone's emulator. The original files were never moved, only copied, and now it doesn't want to load them at all. WONDERFUL!
  24. hahafatdave

    hahafatdave Lurker

    The thing is I would like to know. Is there a way to just use gameshark on gameboid or is the pc way the only one there is. See I have firered on there and I need codes for it like when I had the real game on my actual gba. Also where do I get roms easily, tht are legit, and not corrupt
  25. jakex1

    jakex1 Lurker

    the .sav file is invisible for me.

    any way to get it out?

    on a droid X
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