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How to use Tethering

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Adrift, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey Folks,

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to use the built-in tethering?

    Once you plug the Epic into a computer you can put it into tether mode, after that it is visible on the computer as a samsung modem, however I don't know how to configure it past there.

    If anyone has an answer it would help out not only myself, but other Epic owners who don't feel like paying PDANet for a built in feature.



    I will move this into support once it gets some informative answers.

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  2. EmoTonyB

    EmoTonyB Android Enthusiast

    oh root... how we love thee....
  3. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Shouldn't need root, this is built in.
  4. Nucleartx

    Nucleartx Member

    It won't let you tether that way. The only compatible tether feature that can be added to Everything Data accounts is the WiFi Hot spot.
  5. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hmmm then why give the option to do so and why install modem drivers onto the connected PC?

    If I try to use the phone as a modem while in tethering mode the phones switches into a typical data up\down screen...
  6. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If you haven't done so already, please plug your Epic into a pc. You are immediatly prompted, on the phone, as to what you want the phone to do. Charging, Mass Storage and Tether as modem are options. It also informs you that if you use it to tether as a modem, data services on the phone are stopped.
  7. gme109

    gme109 Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone tried this?

    Google Android Tethering Solution

    EasyTether shares your Android smartphone connection with your PC. This app allows you to tether your Android to a desktop or a notebook computer. EasyTether uses exactly the same data plan that is used for the on-phone Internet access like in the built-in browser or e-mail app or youtube application. No additional tethering fees.
  8. matt_valenz

    matt_valenz Newbie

    As NuclearTx said, you will need the hotspot plan to do a tethered connection as it enables the appropriate network identifier on your subscription. Without the network ID the device can't authenticate to the network elements that enable tethering.

    IFMISM Member

    When the evo came out it offered the 4g WiFi for free. Is it not the same with the epic
  10. gme109

    gme109 Android Enthusiast

    Yes, WiFi and 4G are free. The topic of the thread is tethering the Epic to a PC or laptop, and using it as a modem.
  11. IFMISM

    IFMISM Member

    thanks. I understand what the topic is, I was just curious to see if the WiFi hotspot was free in the 4g area like the evo when it was launched.
  12. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That is unfortunate. I figured that they would make you pay for the 4G tether ( as it is greyed and unslectable, though you can select 3G)

    Eh, oh well.
  13. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Wait, Easy Tether does work without paying extra with the Epic right, even if the built in tethering doesn't?
  14. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Easy Tether is a cheaper version of PdaNet, I don't know much about it.

    I can confirm PdaNet works as I am using it to tether my Epic to my PC to type this out right now.
    dyh and gme109 like this.
  15. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Sweet, thanks! :)

    Btw, has anyone tried rooting to use tethering and has that worked?
  16. simcha

    simcha Android Enthusiast

    This doesn't happen for me. Am I doing something wrong? I don't get any option in my notification menu but to mount or unmount.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Nucleartx

    Nucleartx Member

    Disable USB debugging and the menu should show up.
    simcha likes this.
  18. simcha

    simcha Android Enthusiast

    Ah, thanks. I got it!!!

    Now let's see if I can surf on my computer using my phone. I did pay for the ability to use my phone as a modem.
  19. simcha

    simcha Android Enthusiast

    I get an error that says:

    DUN: Your phone is locked!

    What does that mean and how do I unlock it?

    I do have the plan that should allow this.

    Help!!! :thinking:
  20. simcha

    simcha Android Enthusiast

    OK folks, it's working now. I had to get customer service to help me. I had to get my computer and my phone talking and the guy who set up my plan at the Sprint Store didn't start my "hotspot/tethering" option until next billing cycle so they had to start it.

    Now it works beautifully fast.

    Thanks for the help Nuclear TX
  21. belushi

    belushi Newbie

    So is the consensus that in order to use native "USB" tethering you must have the hot-spot service added to your account? Note, when I say native "USB" tethering, I mean the tethering option you get when you connect your phone to a computer via USB (e.g. no third-party apps, no rooting, ....).

    I have been trying to get this to work, read through tons of threads, etc.... I am connecting to my macbook (e.g. OS X) and keep getting the following error displayed on my phone.

    When first connecting phone to laptop in tether mode, the laptop does recognize the connection and prompts for setting up the "SAMSUNG CDMA Technologies" network service (not sure if driver is configured correctly thou).

    Anyways, when I initiate the connection from my laptop, my phone shows the DUN screen, says "Connecting...", then "Connected.", then shows the Error 67 and the DUN screen disappears.

    Just want to make sure before moving on to PDANet that I'm going down a dead-end. I'd rather use the native tethering if possible.

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