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how to use the alarm?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yeahoooo, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. yeahoooo

    yeahoooo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i had a problem here...how to use the alarm for htc tattoo??
    when i set the time and then i lock the screen, the alarm never ring it... why?

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  2. domb

    domb Newbie

    when you set the alarm did you have a tick in the box next to the time? And also did the picture of the alarm come up on the main screen???
  3. yeahoooo

    yeahoooo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yes..i got tick it and the picture of the alarm oso showed in the main screen...

    do we need to keep activate our screen?? means that never time out on the screen..
  4. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    Never had a problem with mine in over a month of using - are you sure you have a HTC tattoo

    There are issues with the HTC Hero but that is running 1.5 android whereas Tattoo is running 1.6 android
  5. yeahoooo

    yeahoooo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    sure..i am using a htc tattoo...do u lock u screen after u set the alarm?
  6. domb

    domb Newbie

    i lock the screen and the alarm does go off i had a problem when i actually turn the device off the alarm did not go off. I dont know if there is a power on feature that needs to be turned on for when it is off.
  7. yeahoooo

    yeahoooo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i solved my problem edi.. jus now i restart my phone and try again..the alarm works normal while the screen is lock... :p
  8. Ackels

    Ackels Lurker

    I had exactly the same problem when turning on for the first time, and it was also solved by restarting.
  9. iamina

    iamina Lurker

    Hi guys. I have a problem with the alarm as well. I can set the alarm, but there are no sound at all. I have opened the volume while I'm on the alarm menu and it's max. It doesn't matter which alarmsound I chose, it's still silent. I have had vibration on as well and it vibrates like crazy, but is still silent.
    When it's time the alarm does pop up on the screen (also while locked) and everything looks right, but it's just no sound. Any ideas what I might do?

    Wow... I just found the answer (and feel really dumb by the way). If anyone else have had this problem you need to set the volume on each alarm sound. It doesn't help to set the volume on max while you're on the alarm menu. The volume is mute on all the alarmsounds for some reason.
  10. gr8cut

    gr8cut Lurker

    Dear iamina,

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you...

    I had the same problem with my alarms. They would go off like clockwork, vibrate if I had them set that way, but they would not ring (make any sound). I contacted Sprint tech support and they told me to do a bunch of stuff (remove battery, wait, reinsert, then goto About Phone/System Updates/Update Profile) that did not work.

    Of course, the simplest solution is usually the best one, just set the ringer volume as you suggested. Thank you again.

    HTC Hero user
  11. miniauer

    miniauer Lurker

    Hi everyone!

    I have two questions.

    1. When i set the alarm on my HTC Tattoo and then shut off the phone, it doesn't wake me. How do i do so that it wakes me, when the phone is off?

    2. Does anyone know where to find smileys for the HTC? Can I find them on the marketplace, perhaps?

    -Jenny :)
  12. tefe82

    tefe82 Lurker

    Hey, guys, can anyone tell me the steps to set the alarm in the htc desire?

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