How To How to view and customize Edge information ticker on Galaxy S6 Edge


Galaxy S20 Ultra
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One unique Edge screen feature on the Galaxy S6 Edge is the information ticker which Samsung calls "Information Stream". With the screen off you can quickly swipe up and down above the Edge display to view the information ticker and toggle through the streams with a flip of your finger.


When trying to view the information ticker, make sure you're touching the top of the Edge Screen instead of just the side of the Edge screen... the results are much more consistent.

You can also customize what appears in the information ticker from a wide variety of sources"


To do so:
  • Tap "Settings"
  • Tap "Edge Screen"
  • Tap "Information Stream"
  • Tap "Manage Feeds"
You can now add/remove/customize the feeds that show on the Galaxy S6 Edge information stream!