Android Expert
Jul 30, 2010
Rooted my N7 awhile ago and got working OTG cable. Stickmount app is installed. Once USB stick is connected, everything is recognized and I can see/play movies in MX Player under "sda1" directory. But once I go to a file manager, like ASTRO or File Manager HD, I can't find "sda1" directory. Am I missing something? I thought any file manager will be able to see mounted files and allow me to select and copy them to internal memory, or vise versa. Is there a trick to it or am I not looking in the right place? I know there is Nexus Media importer, but I'm already rooted, and just need file manager to view and copy files from USB stick through OTG. Please advice.
The sda* directory is located under UsbStorage, in your home directory.

Thanks for restoring my sanity! i looked everywhere, except for the obvious place. I guess I just got spoiled by Note 2 where everything comes preloaded and enabled...