how to void to not active gmail account(I am a novice)


First of all I want to say thank you to anyone who reads this post and tries to help me out.

As the title said, I bought my white MT3G and I dont have internet data (30$/month). As I tried to activate my gmail, which I failed every time I attempt. I was wondering is there anyways I could pass this procedure?
Any helps would be greatly appreciated, and as I said I am a totally new to HTC, android and rooting, unlocking whatsoever.

I tried to search for a like-wise post but couldnt find one; therefore, I apologize if there was such a post out there.

Thank you

Vi Hong


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You won't even be able to root or activate it because you need to access it at least once to setup your gmail and you need data to do that.

You have a couple options:

Assuming it is a T-Mobile phone (you didn't say which carrier but this would apply to any carrier):

#1) Find a friend with T-Mobile (or whatever the phone is native to) AND DATA and put in his SIM in your phone and register the gmail account.

#2) Go to a T-Mobile (or whatever the phone is native to) store and BEG a salesperson to put their SIM with DATA in and do the same.

Once it is activated you will be able to use it without a data plan and use the WiFi for your data.


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long press call button for voice commands, then go into settings and set up your wifi ... then back out and sign into gmail.

Hell, you should be able to skip signing in altogether if I'm not mistaken.


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IF you have any wifi spots around you. ie: McDonalds, Starbucks, Tmobile, a book store, you can turn on the Wifi in the phone and manually sign in. May have to be there for a while but it works. I have had to do that when i screwed up my root. (use the wifi part)