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How to...?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by funpig, May 13, 2012.

  1. funpig

    funpig Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    New 7.0 Plus owner here. Need some help.

    1. How do you change the apps on the bottom system bar? On the very bottom center of touchscreen is an upward pointinf arrow. When you push it you get 6 apps. How can I change these apps?

    2. Is there anyway to change the text size or zoom in the browser? On certain websites like Yahoo mobile or Yahoo tablet, the Tab 7+ won't let me pinch zoom and the text is too small for me to read without my granny glasses. On my LG phone I can go into the browser setting and change text size or zoom. On the LG I can also set to fit everything on the screen so that I do not have to pan to see all the text. On an I pad the pinch zoom will work on the websites so that is not a problem.

    3. Anybody else have a problem relocating the cursor when typing and editing text? Every time I put my finger to relocate the cursor, it is always off by 3 or 4 spaces.


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  2. funpig

    funpig Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ok, a bit of self help. It took a whole day of searching and a lot of trial and error.

    1. It appears you can't change the mini apps in the bottom system bar, which is a shame.

    2. I tried Opera, Dolphin and finally Boat browser. It turns out that with Boat, I can change the "user agent" which then allows me to load and zoom in on certain pages. The default user agent for Boat is Android and caused the same problems (some pages would not load or some would not let me zoom in). When I set the user agent setting to Safari (so ironic), firefox or desktop, the pages would load and zoom. Android can be such a pain in the ass. I bought an ipad3 for my wife last week and it just works. Period. I liked using her tablet so much, I decided to get the galaxy tab for me because I am already stuck in the Android ecosystem. But what a pain in the ass. You really have to waste a lot of time to get Androids to work properly, or at least the way I want.

    3. Still working on the cursor issue. Probably need to wait for a firmware update. However, I have learned my lesson with my phone. If and when ICS ships, I am going to hold off on updating until I see if others experience any problems. Sometimes, the updates make things worse.

    Otherwise, I do like the 7 inch size. Just the right size to carry around with a decent size screen to browse comfortably. In portrait mode, it is just small enough for me to hold in both hands for fast thumb keyboarding. I am never going to fool myself into trying to do normal full finger typing on these touchscreens even on a 10 incher. A 10 inch screen is too big to do thumb typing even in portrait. A physical keyboard would be nice, but if I was going to lug around the extra weight I would spend a few dollars more to get an ultrabook and do some real computing.

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