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How tough is the glass on the S10?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by consultant, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. consultant

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    I just ordered an S10 5G ($450 from Amazon Renewed with 90-day warranty). Interestingly, when you go to purchase they ask if you want an Asurion Protection Plan for $7.49 month which covers everything except theft/intentional damage and there's a $39/$59 charge depending on how you get it repaired (through them or reimbursed) and $129 for full device replacement. Interestingly, You can buy $450-$499 protection plan outright on Amazon for the same company for $57.99 for a 3-year plan. A lot cheaper than 36 X $7.49 = $269. And this is crazy, the details and Asurion confirmed in the questions section on Amazon this has no $39/$59/$129 deductible!! Can't believe it.


    Anyway, on to my question. The largest device I've used so far is an LG V30 (6" screen) This S10 5G is a big boy, 6.7" screen, larger than the S10+. I always get the thinnest case possible that just barely allows for the screen to not touch the surface if I set the phone down screen side down. I've never cracked a screen in about 12 phones over 25 years (yes, I'm 51 years old, had the first Samsung Windows CE Smartphone WAY back in the day.) But it can always happens especially on these slipper curved screen phones.

    My question is, how scratch prone is the Gorilla Glass 6 used on the front/back of the phone. I've always got top dollar on Ebay on all my old phones because they look brand new since they always had a case. I do get the screen protectors also but frankly, as many of you know, this really only protects effectively against scratches and the shock from dropping the screen on a non-perfectly flat surface in many cases cracks the screen underneath. It still helps without adding bulk to the phone.

    There's always "skins" but they are very hard to apply well and the corners usually start to peel and it can be had to find clear skins. Coincidentally though, the best feeling screen protector I ever used was a "military grade" film and not a glass screen protector. Never showed a single scratch and added less bulk to the top of the screen and was just as smooth feeling as the glass. Was amazing! Can't remember the brand.
    So after that long story, my question is, for those of you using your S10's for a while without a case, how well does the glass hold up to getting little surface scratches? I'm considering, with this warranty, and considering how large the phone is, to forego a case.

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    My ol'lady has a Chevy S-10, and the glass is about the only thing she hasn't broken on it.

    Wow! $450 for a pick-up truck on Amazon?

    Ok, ok, all kidding aside (sorry, I couldn't resist), why not just get a cheap tempered glass screen protector?

    They can be had for $5-$15 and even if they don't protect against an extremely sharp blow, they definitely protect against scratches.

    The crappy plastic ones do too, but they get scratched themselves, and quickly, so that even though the actual screen is not scratched, the covering is- and so for you the screen is scratched, until you take the protector off, and I assume you only do this when you are getting rid of the device.

    I have had good luck with the tempered glass screen protectors.
    They can be scratched, but it is rather difficult to do so.

    The cost is low enough that I can't imagine not investing in one for a phone of any value.

    I even put one on my free phone, it was $5 at a discount store.
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    I don't own this phone, but I can tell you silica sand (6-7 Mohs) and quartz (7 Mohs) are both harder than GG5 or 6, so it is possible for the sort of fine grit you come across in everyday life to scratch it. You shouldn't be paranoid, the stuff is pretty scratch-resistant, but if you want assurance that it will never pick up scratches I can't give that.

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