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How waterproof are we talking here?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rymes14, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. rymes14

    rymes14 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I want to know.
    I work outside in Florida, so I'm sure I'll find out.
    I knw its IP7blah blah tested, but I'm talking real world. Do I still need to run for cover in the rain? should I buy resealable waterproof sleeves like I did for my own phone? Can I really answer my phone when I'm showering?

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  2. Mike525

    Mike525 Member

    I did, listened to slacker radio as well. The only issue is the touch screen goes nuts when water hits it and your clicking...
  3. Robertech

    Robertech Android Enthusiast

    sometimes for the fun of it i would toss it in a bucket of water with music playing just to hear how it sounded and see the looks on people's faces. keep the battery door clean and locked and the charge port closed tight and it'll be just dandy
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  4. Wiesshund

    Wiesshund Well-Known Member

    I ride a motorcycle in FL every day, phone sits on tank for music gps etc.
    it has not had an issue yet
  5. Trancenstuff

    Trancenstuff Newbie

    I have taken underwater videos in a pool, a bucket and i regulary use it in the rain.. only issue i have ever had is that if the headphone jack fills with water, you have to use speakerphone until it dries out because it cuts off the ear speaker , almost like it has headphones in...dry it out or let it dry and it works again!!!
  6. stingrays

    stingrays Well-Known Member

    Yeah same here. Ive taken it to about 9ft underwater for a brief second with no side affects. Just have to use it on speaker like Trance said.
  7. Creakyknees

    Creakyknees Newbie

    well mine just died after being in my pocket while jet skiing.

    screen appears to have water behind it and t here was water in the case when I opened the battery
  8. Wiesshund

    Wiesshund Well-Known Member

    Sounds like maybe your battery cover gasket was not fully in place?
  9. Creakyknees

    Creakyknees Newbie

    Who knows... it sure seemed to be tight and correctly mounted, same with the charger port cover.

    Anyway, I've ordered another Hydro as replacement; even it the waterproofing is not actually perfect, it's still far better than most phones and overall I like the phone - good price point, decent performance for my needs, and "semi-waterproof" enough for random daily use.

    I just don't recommend treating it as 'fully waterproof" - sure, you may be fine, but then again you might not. Next time I'm going into a full soaking / immersion situation I'll put it in a sealed carrier.
  10. Mike213

    Mike213 Lurker

    I'm a Marine Service Tech so I bought this because I'm around water all day, I actually downgraded from a better phone for this one but I'm pretty happy. I mistakenly dropped it in the test tank (about 2.5' deep) at the shop and it's pretty dirty in there so it took a few minutes to find the phone, it was still on, I took it to the sink and rinsed it off and all was good... The touch screen was a little wacky while the screen was wet so make sure you wipe the screen dry before using again.

    I picked up a knock off Otterbox type case for it from a Boost store near me because the case I ordered off eBay was taking a real long time and I was nervous about dropping it haha.. The one I bought at Boost was 100% better quality so if you guys plan to buy a case see if your local cellphone store has one in stock first. Also got a screen protector. With the case it's pretty rugged and I'm not worried about messing it up at work and if it happens to fall in the bilge of a boat or something, it's good still.

    So in my experience so far, it's pretty damn waterproof haha. As for the jetski guy, I'm sure in some cases, like with anything- it may have been a defective one. I'll probably leave my cellphone on shore when I take my x2 out this spring... No reason to have your phone on ya lol, Do you really need to update your Facebook status while jumping wakes? lol jk.

  11. imotasam

    imotasam Lurker

    I took it in the shower to listen to music, it received some splatter of water and that's it. Later I saw condensation within the screen and I could see some water where the capacitive hardware keys whenever they lit up. Idk how water got in, all the rubber gaskets fit fine. Im letting it dry in rice and leaving everything on max (brightness,gps,bluetooth) so it would help dry whats left of the water. Im not too concerned (im using this phone as a media player for working out) since it still works perfectly and no indication of water damage from the little that's drying up, but I guess I got a bad batch :(

    Overall it might say its waterproof but I would advise not to test this statement, unless you are like me who uses it for other purposes then to be a phone :p
  12. Creakyknees

    Creakyknees Newbie

    Lolz... true... "need" no I guess not, but would've liked to have some vacation pix.

    Anyway, the manual says "do not expose your phone to water over 104F, or to liquids other than water such as detergent, beverages, or chlorinated or treated water. "

    ^^^ that's kind of funny, so I guess a glass of filtered pure water is unsafe.

    It goes on to say up to 30 minutes exposure, depth not exceeding one meter.

    And, the warranty does not cover and is void with respect to the following: "...exposure to water or excessive moisture or dampness..."
  13. FarronDawn

    FarronDawn Lurker

    i use mine in the shower every day with pandora no problems!
  14. Tr3wth

    Tr3wth Lurker

    I have submerged mine in shallow water countless times just to see peoples reaction, I've used the flashlight app underwater taken video and used the phone in the shower with no problems and I've had this phone for 6 months

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