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How would YOU design the perfect android marketplace?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by cabbie, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Obviously a lot of people have noticed the market design could be better, but usually theres not much in the way of ideas about how to fix it.

    How would the UI look? How would it be organized? What could you make customizable?

  2. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast

    The UI is fine with me, but I think you need some more search options. Things like being able to SORT by downloads, ratings, and date added. Also perhaps the ability to view "similar applications."
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  3. A smart search that offers alternate spellings if you misspell the app you are looking for.
  4. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    First I would allow paying by PayPal to be an option. My credit card company isn't thrilled with out of country purchases and I'm sure it's not the only one. I know this is in the works but it can't come soon enough.

    Second, better sorting options like folks said above. How about being able to find out which apps prices dropped?

    Third, minor policing. Just enough to ensure that an app doesn't have a virus or isn't grabbing data inappropriately. They need to build consumer and developer confidence.

    Fourth, add a web interface a lot like AppBrain. Let non-Android users see what's available for the platform. Also let users browse and purchase without using the phone.

    Fifth, give developers bigger descriptions and more screenshots. Allow them to store their version change logs in the listing. Should a user update or not is up to them. As it stands the descriptions are completely inadequate and it sometimes takes more than two screenshots to figure out what an app does and if it's worth checking out.
  5. aeiou

    aeiou Well-Known Member

    How about when you sign up you only see what others who have the same phone as you have to say. Don't really need to see what someone who has a different phone had to say.
  6. That is a good idea. I have always wanted a "wish list" so I can remember apps I may not be ready or able to install at the moment. There may be an app that does this but I haven't seen it.
  7. Maybe suggest (strongly) that developers pay closer attention to comments and emails and update more efficiently. In line with the whole seeing comment by users with the same phone as you and being able to install the updates past and present, perhaps a rating system along with the applicable update and phone type so you know which update works best with your phone. A very rough idea, at best, but something I think would be a sensible tweak. Sucks to update and have it work for some phones just fine, but your phone only worked with the previous update.
  8. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Android Expert

    The question here along with most of the answers proposed are flawed... The marketplace needs to be designed in a way that appeals to the largest number of poeple possible. Obviosuly it's not possible to please everyone, but when someone is asked how they would design it, they need to take into acccount that they are not the only person using it. Many hours go into surveying and research before they come up with a proper design. Furthermore, not one single person creates the market. It's dozens of poeple who work together as a team to do so. The team is comprised of not just code monkeys and UI designers, but statistical mathematicians, business gurus, and many others. No one person on this forum has the knowledge or resources to eve begin to say how the market "should" be made. I agree that Google's current version is flawed in some aspects, however it also shines in many others. I am sure the folks at Google are hard at work thinking and researching up new ways to alter the market, but nothing we say or do will influence their decisions at the very least.
  9. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    its hypothetical, dude. i wasnt going to take these suggestions and do a martin luther 95 theses style hammering of the ideas to googles front door :D
  10. aeiou

    aeiou Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i was just thinking of a way that either sorts comments by phone or atleast highlights a user with the same phone as you. Something to that effect. I'm definitely not able to rewrite the android market.

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