Howdy, folks!


Just joined the forum, some great info! I've had my Samsung Moment for just over 6mths, just updated to 2.1 and am enjoying the "new and improved" so to speak.

Hailing in from Charlotte, NC by way of the Midwest. I'm an all around outdoorsy person that is redneck at heart, love my horses and dogs and keeping busy. This year's goals are major house renovation projects, and next year I'll hopefully have it all done and be playing outside again. My day job is with IT support, so I try to stay off the computer after hours... It usually doesn't work out, but I try. :D


Hello i'm still new 2 Android, & i would like 2 know how 2 theme my device. Do i use 1 of the apps from the market i.e Pro Launcher, aHome
Thanks in advance. :)