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howdy from san diego

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jsage, May 21, 2010.

  1. jsage

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    hello everyone!

    i bought a sprint hero a few weeks back, took it on a nine-day trip with me to see if i could live with android. i've been a palm user since 1996, and was using a pre since last june. the hero worked fairly well, although battery life was dismal. :(

    i've had it for almost four weeks now, slowly finding my way around. running my favorite apps: rtm, evernote, docs to go. but i think i'll give the evo a hard look too - the kindle app beckons.

    i try to keep an eye on the market - i support a couple of dozen smartphone users here at work. exchange and docs to go are must-haves. i think winmo is dying, i'd really rather not do blackberry or iphone (although we have a few of each) and i'd hoped in the pre real hard but i'm losing confidence that webos will gain the support it deserves.

    btw, battery life is tremendously improved since the 2.1 update a few days ago - night and day! :D

    so here i am, i'll try to be as helpful as possible to the users here. have a great weekend!

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