My name is Brad. I joined for a few reasons. I don't know how much I have to contribute, but first I wanted to be able to post a thank you and tips in a forum here for a thread on fixing a broken screen on the S3.

I run a small business doing consulting and computer repair and just added smartphone repair to my services. I also have just started a forum (no link without permission from admins.. I won;t spam), that is not directly related to my business. I have not seen any decent forums related specifically to the repair of smartphones and tablets. So I am starting one. It is platform agnostic, and deals only with physical repair. Later on if I get admin approval, I may post the link. It is not meant to be a competitor to phandroid, just more focused on a specific topic.

Personally I think these forums are a great resource, I have found much good info on rooting and roms here that has been useful to me!


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Welcome to AF Brad! Glad you were able to find the site useful.

I'm sure you'll find that you have more to contribute than you initially suspect. If not android related, check out the Lounge and it's sub-forums for non-android related discussion.

When you get to the point of wanting to mention your forum, just send a PM out to a mod (in red) and they'll be able to answer your specific questions.

Enjoy the site,


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Welcome Brad!

Glad to have you here! And I hope you will find this site to be the most friendly and helpful site out there:)
We hope to answer any questions you may have in the future and thanks for joining:D