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Hows my esteem users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fullbloodedmut, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. fullbloodedmut

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    I Was told that by the end of the year the esteem will be gone,my esteem was returned for repairs but the stated they didnt have anymore instock,so they sent me the lg connect,and the first day i gt it,i sent it back,then they sent me the optimus f6,which suxs,the whole internal/external memory deal,finally i ran across a great deal on the galaxy mega,love it,just updated to kit kat,but no root yet,but i truely miss my esteem,that thing u could do alot with it,just was wondering since metro is doing away with cdma,are the esteems still going strong? thanks guys,ive added more things in my box.com if needed to root,exit recovery and roms,kernels,thanks to ldrifta,his hard drive broke and he lost alot of his work,so he had no problems with me putting it up for the esteem users.if you cant find wat u need just let me know,i probably have it in one of the clouds,harddrives. :)


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    Upgraded to the nexus 5 a while back , but no matter what the esteem was my best friend ! Lol sad to see them out of commission, learned a lot here while having one👌💪

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