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How's Texting On The Phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by homotechual, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. homotechual

    homotechual Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm a huge texter, I have always had Blackberry Curves because the keyboard is the best keyboard for texting out there!

    I got the MyTouch, Behold 2, and the Cliq and returned them all, because texting was awful on the MyTouch and Behold 2, and the Cliq was great but the phone was not size friendly.

    How's the texting on the Nexus One compared? I want to purchase the phone but if it's anything like the MyTouch and Behold 2 i'll pass. They were slow and I was always hitting the wrong buttons, how people can text on those phones is beyond me.

  2. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    yeah, any lag?
  3. ManMythLegend

    ManMythLegend Well-Known Member

    Thus far..... No lag.

    Speech to text is fantastic.

    Never thought id say this but Im not sure Im going to miss my G1 keyboard.

    Using the swype beta = wow. Theres some shortcomings with the Beta but overall makes one handed typing insanely easy.
  4. smitty24

    smitty24 Android Enthusiast

    0 lag for me too. its is very easy to type on
  5. homotechual

    homotechual Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Can you txt as easy as you would on your G1 keyboard?

    Also does it have t9/predictive txting on a numeric keypad I find the numeric keypad a lot easier to txt on screen then qwerty. Also how precise is the keyboard or can you easily hit another letter like on the MyTouch?
  6. smitty24

    smitty24 Android Enthusiast

    Landscape typing is very good IMO. about as close to a physical you can get on a vitrual. the huge screen helps. Also the preditction is great. it works very well if you add your custom dictionary.
  7. I fall in the same boat. I thought I would miss the hard keyboard immensly. After just one day, it's very comfortable. I never used the on screeen keyboard for anything on my G1. Also Swype should make the transition easier when it is availabel. Good luck
  8. rookie1082

    rookie1082 Member

    Texting on my iPhone was a lot more accurate.
  9. jpw

    jpw Newbie

    I will echo the comments about 0 lag when typing. I can't one-hand type in portrait mode with my thumb, but if I peck at the screen with my index finger it works fine. Landscape typing with both thumbs is also fine.

    The text-to-speech is amazing and I use it for writing emails/texting. Then I'll back up and correct mistakes with the trackball.
  10. MattG

    MattG Newbie

    I can second this. I loathed owning an iPhone (or an Apple in general), but the iPhone's software keyboard is second to none.
  11. ManMythLegend

    ManMythLegend Well-Known Member

    Auto correction + user dictionary >>>>> Iphone.

    You add speech to text and its ridiculous already.

    Sype beta has some quirks and bugs...but man o man is it fantastic for the most part.
    If they add the speech button , make auto correction use user dictionary Ill never consider a keyboarded phone again.

    Im a keyboard die hard but seriously the combination of voice to text /auto correcting user dictionary /swype it covers all bases.
  12. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    I have come from Iphone 3G to Hero (Chin) to ordering an N1.

    The iPhone was by far and away better than the Hero for texting (although I liked most other things on the Hero more), the Hero is diabolical for texts, possibly because I'm 6'1" and have the hands to go with it but also the screen was ever so slightly smaller and the keyboard didn't seem accurate.

    Anyway.., Is the N1 better for texting than the Hero? I guess the keyboard is actually the same but larger due to the screen width?
  13. smitty24

    smitty24 Android Enthusiast

    Thats the key - add your 'dictionary' and it will almost always know exactly what you are typing. and voice is more accurate than one may think. I am surprised every time i use it with how accurate it is...
  14. seeking

    seeking Well-Known Member

    best keyboard for txting out there is the sidekick by far. i dont think any keyboard will ever compare to the sidekick's. Comming from a sidekick to this phone, i must say the typing isnt as good, but its not horrible either. Its taking some getting used to but nothing is better than a physical keyboard
  15. prowler63

    prowler63 Newbie

    I own an ipod and the nexus. The Nexus >>>>> ipod
    It's accurate, No lag, dictionary, and speech to text.

    Also, i just noticed that the N1's keyboard has multitouch enabled.... Surprised no one else has noticed
  16. cyberbob25

    cyberbob25 Well-Known Member

    X2 on everything posted here.

    I was very pleasantly surprised by how responsive the keyboard is. I too am coming from a G1, where I *never* used the on screen keyboard because of how laggy it was, and was very apprehensive about losing the physical keyboard. Surprisingly, I can actually type faster on the N1 than on the G1 physical keyboard...go figure.
  17. 7thson

    7thson Newbie

    Care to elaborate please? I think many people have posted that you cannot type 2 letters at the same time, ie MT is not enabled on the keyboard.
  18. MattG

    MattG Newbie

    I just tested this and it appears that the keyboard has multi-touch enabled. I press the "A" and "L" at the same time and I get "AL" on the screen...

    Don't hold me to it being 100% multi-touch, though.
  19. dennisburton

    dennisburton Lurker

    Is the phone more user friendly than the Iphone? No lags or delays?
  20. wonderbread

    wonderbread Android Enthusiast

    Your should give swype a shot, it's best in portrait mode one handed.
  21. ShotSkydiver

    ShotSkydiver Member

    ...really? What phone are you guys using? My Nexus One's keyboard is pretty laggy in any application. I don't have anything running in the background, and yet it's very laggy. Pretty terrible compared to the iPhone I came from.
  22. Kesey

    Kesey Lurker

  23. nomad33fw

    nomad33fw Lurker

    The iPhone on screen keyboard has some behind the scenes features that no other phone or device has due to their patents. When you type on an iPhone it uses software to predict the next letter you will pick and then increases the landing zone size for that key. This helps you not miss the key even when you really do.
  24. masse1369

    masse1369 Newbie

    I also have been using the swype beta and couldn't be happier especially once the full version comes out. I wasn't having any lagging issues at all when I was using the stock keyboard either...
  25. BacteriaEP

    BacteriaEP Newbie

    I'll level with you...

    If your a huge texter and you've already gotten rid of two phones because of the lack of texting, one being the very similar albeit smaller MyTouch, then the N1 is probably not for you.

    With a bit of time you'll probably get accustom to it and your speeds will pick up, but if it's a make or break deal for you then I'd suggest you save your money.

    That said, I've always found the G1s keyboard to be amongst the best I've ever used, but if you didn't like the CLIQ because of the size then you probably won't like the G1 for the same reason.

    If I had to suggest a phone for you I'd have to recommend you going back to BlackBerry. Not because I don't believe Android is an amazing OS, but because what you want, specifically, for a phone just isn't really available with Android yet.

    Hope this helped.

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