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How's you battery doing on Liberty 1.5?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by darkcyber, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I installed Liberty 1.5 yesterday around 11:00 am and really didn't get a full day to see how my battery would do. Today, however, I got to check it and I have used my X about like I normally do and right now it is 8:00 pm and I have 50% battery :eek:. Usually, around this time I am no lower than 70%. Is this just me or anyone else seeing this?

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  2. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Android Expert

    Yesterday I got to around 10 and it was at 30% which is not normal for me. It was normal usage though. Compared with 1.0 I think I got a little bit better battery life TBH.

    To be noted: I'm running mikeyinid's cyan GB from DF
  3. cultldr

    cultldr Android Enthusiast

    Not sure so I will have to test more but last night was my first night with 1.5. I usually lose 10% and no more than 20% while I sleep. Same apps loaded etc and last night when I went to sleep it was at 50%, woke up and sent one text and it shut itself off due to no juice.

    I will check over the weekend and see how it goes, but I've always on all the other Roms had good luck with battery life, so I'll report back in a couple days.
  4. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Battery life is not a strongpoint with this Rom. I think mine may be a little better. But ApeX and Fission were better for me. If it continues I will end up back with Fission.
  5. Greavous

    Greavous Android Enthusiast

    I was cautious about loading 1.5 because 1.0 kicked my battery in the ass. This morning I started my monitoring process and did see some extra usage again. When I checked the battery stats I noticed that my wifi was running 100%. By this time I had dropped from 100 to 80%. I turned wifi off and 13 hours later im at 60%. A similar 100% usage happened last time but it was on systems that couldnt be turned off. I cant recall what they were atm thought.
  6. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    I'm at 20% right now, but my wife's been playing games for 4 hours. :D
  7. cultldr

    cultldr Android Enthusiast

    Tell her to get her own phone :) lol j/k
  8. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Four hours! Wow!

    I'm waiting a few days before I decide on battery life.
  9. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Android Enthusiast

    On Liberty 1.0, I was able to make a full 8am-10:30pm and get home with at least 50-70% left on the battery. With 1.5, it seems standby and phone idle took A LOT of my battery away. I left the house today at about noon with 100% battery and by 8:30 it had 20% left. Mind you, I played Gun Bros for about 15-20 minutes, and that was it. I didn't text, surf the internet, or do anything with my phone today. That was THE most intensive application that ran and essentially the only one I ran, and my battery decided it didn't want to last today.

    I feel as though the battery life might have suffered with this new ROM. Also, how do I uninstall the Launcher provided with the phone? I plan on using Launcher Pro or Go Launcher as my main one, and I don't want anything running in the background taking up any CPU life. Thanks in advanced!
  10. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    I threw it on the charger at 15%, then she grabbed her Nintendo DS, a gift from the relatives. :D

    I did notice that wi-fi was 4%, display was about 30% and the games totaled about 42%.
  11. tom108

    tom108 Android Expert

    my battery was good with 1.0, with 1.5 it seems to have gotten better.
  12. novemberwhiskey

    novemberwhiskey Android Enthusiast

    I can only compare to Apex:

    Battery life on Apex > Liberty.

    It's enough for me to give up the benefits of Liberty (toolbox, etc.) that I like so much. Liberty seems to be a bit snappier, but also slightly buggier than Apex.

    Once they improve battery life, clean up a few bugs, etc. I think they would easily have the best ROM.
  13. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I really like 1.5, but if these early indications of battery drain hold true, I may have to move back to either 1.0 or DarkSlide 4.2. Battery life is a big concern for me. I had my original Droid last year when we went to Disney World and that thing always got great battery life (wife has it now) and for some reason by around 3:00 pm one day my battery was like on 20%. I had no way to communicate with the wife while we were in the parks. So, I got burned on a dead battery, something I try not to do anymore. I have multiple extra batteries and chargers and the like, but still don't like having to swap out batteries if I can keep from it. The Verizon extended battery has solved a lot of my battery problems on my X. The battery life on it was not as good as my original Droid. But the extended battery fixed that.
  14. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    I will change out of boredom, maybe try the new Fission next. I was on Apex for about a week until this morning.
  15. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    My battery life has been pretty good so far. Yesterday I had a problem with jrummy's oc app running for some reason that ate up a ton of battery. But I've noticed it drains slower while I'm tethered for xbox live. I'm also under volted using quick clock. Great battery saver by the way.
  16. NiteQwill

    NiteQwill Newbie

    16 hour day, on the phone with moderate usage.

    OC to 1.2 and auto brightness.

    70% when I plugged it into the charger tonight.
  17. tom108

    tom108 Android Expert

    For those of you with bad battery life. Did you restore apps from market or through TIBU? If you did it through TIBU did you restore with data? If you restored data via TIBU this could cause a problem. I experienced this in the passed and now i restore app only or restore from market.
  18. drkildrum

    drkildrum Newbie

    I have had mine off the charger since 7, had it on a car charger for an hour used for 20 minutes battery is at 60%, I used to be able to go a full day with heavy use on 1.0 not good, I will go back to 1.0
    I am using stock theme milestone overclock, wifi off bluetooth off

    After I posted, my battery droped to 50%
  19. Steven58


    Mine seems normal. I will check it further today.
  20. quickaudi

    quickaudi Android Expert

    just wondering if everyone has checked their CPU settings via the toolbox
  21. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Q for those with battery issues... how often do you reboot your phone?

    My wife was playing games last night and did not charge the phone. When I noticed a 50% battery this morning, I charged it and removed it from the charger about 15 minutes ago. Those games are still showing up in my battery stats now, even tho they have not been used since charging. They continue to run in the background.
  22. bishop0114

    bishop0114 Member

    My battery life is about half of what it was on Apex. I replaced Apex with Liberty 1.5. I also just got a new replacement phone last night and after putting Liberty 1.5 on it, my battery life was at 70% after 2 hours of non use.

    I also cant find the battery settings listed under settings.

    I like the ROM though. Hope someone figures out where the battery drain is coming from.
  23. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    It takes a day for things to settle down for a new rom, OTA update or clearing the cache.

    Charge it up tonight and try again tomorrow. Many of the AOSP roms remove the battery profiles from Settings. I suspect it's a blur app.
  24. swagner53

    swagner53 Android Enthusiast

    It is still very early for me to truly judge the battery, I just installed yesterday morning. Of course I have been messing with the phone a ton, but so far the battery is performing significantly worse than it was on ApeX. I will let it settle in for a couple of days before making a real judgement, but right now it almost looks bad enough to go back to ApeX.

    The ROM itself seems really smooth though and the tools are nice.
  25. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    The only attraction I have with Liberty is the toolbox, and built-in theming/icons. O/w same as any other custom rom IMO.

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