Accessories Hows your Siedio 3500 holding up?


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Got mine about 6mo ago and it was insane, jaw-dropping, id get like 36+ hrs unplugged as a POWER user

Now 6mo later, im dead within 15hrs of moderate use.

Is this the typical life span of them? I turn phone off and charge overnight, wake up and turn it on. Should i do this differently to extend the life?

Also wondering if i should buy another one, or is there something better out now?


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Mine was averaging around the 48 hour range with a max of 80 hours once when I was trying to be uber conservative with my use (for kicks and giggles). It got down to where it would last only 16-24 hours tops here recently, so I had to investigate.

I figured there would be some gradual loss of its capacity, but this was more dramatic of a change than my ebay batteries. I had some Amazon apps + their appstore installed and noticed they're always using the network connection and staying awake. I removed the ones I didnt use frequently, and also went back to using SuperPower to cut off my data and only poll in 15 minute intervals while I'm at work. I also installed LBE Security to prevent apps from unnecessarily trying to access the internet (and also to stop them from grabbing my location and IMEI info).

From a full charge I'm back up to 36 hours minimum, and was able to squeeze 68 hours out of a charge last week. I realize rationing your data connection may not be an ideal solution for most, and that the battery's performance will deteriorate with time, but I seem to be close to around 80% of the performance I had last fall.

EDIT: currently configured SuperPower to enable data for 1 minute every 45 minutes with the screen off now that I'm not working on the road as frequently. That seemed to help out a little more. Additionally I'll swap out to a back up battery every other night and charge my 3500 in an external charger, just so I can bump charge and leave the phone in case of emergencies.


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Well the Lithium batteries have a finite charge/discarge ammount. Usually 500-1000 discharges (depending on quality, but you see reduced performance as time goes on). I have the HTC 2150 mAh battery, and I can still get 48 hours with careful use after at least 8 months. Best I have ever done was 60 hours, but barely used it.

For a power user, I expect that the battery is worn out quickly due to constant charging. I have 2 extended batteries and a dock for just the battery to charge. I just swap them out as I need it, so I extend their service life (see bump charging).

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