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HOWTO: Install Custom Splash Screens

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CyberTails, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey There

    Here is a tutorial on how to make and install Custom Splash Screens (The Huawei Logo in this case)

    You Will Need:
    the rgb565 plugin for Paint.NET
    The Splash Screen "Installer" from here
    A Recovery mode installed on your phone (Ultrajack will be used here)
    Your Phone initialized into USB Mass Storage Device mode
    Archiving Program (like 7-zip for example)

    1. Open Paint.NET and make a new image of 240x320 (the size of the phone's screen)

    2. After done making the image, go to File > Save As..., and save it as a rgb565 file, close Paint.NET and then rename the file as "oemlogo.mbn" and keep the file window open

    3. Open the Splash Screen "installer" with a archiving program and go to /system/media and drag the created "oemlogo.mbn" into the archiver's window, close both windows

    4. Put your phone into Mass Storage mode and copy the Splash Screen "Installer" into the root of the SD Card, turn off Mass Storage mode afterwards

    5. Power off the phone, the turn on the phone into recovery mode, then go to "Flash Zip from sdcard" and select the "installer" and press Trackball to confirm and let it do it's thing.

    6. go back to the main menu and reboot the phone

    Congratulations, you should have a new Splash Screen :)

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  2. puyow18

    puyow18 Android Enthusiast

    The mediafire link seems to be down (for the splash screen "installer")
  3. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry, fixed the link :)
  4. leolupin

    leolupin Newbie

    Ok so it almost worked...

    Is there any way to create a rgb565 file without having windows? Lol every program I've found is windows native and I just happen to be running linux...
  5. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That may be hard as I don't know a Linux solution, however, if you can make the image in a format like JPG or BMP, then I can convert and upload it for you :)
  6. paultizzle

    paultizzle Newbie

    i followed this to the "T" no luck.
  7. paultizzle

    paultizzle Newbie

    what format should the image be tho .mbn or .rgb565?
  8. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It should be in .rgb565 format first, then renamed to oemlogo.mbn
  9. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    funny, what I change out is the initlogo.rle ;)
  10. paultizzle

    paultizzle Newbie

    can someone get a working tutorial of this up im getting tired of my huawei splash screen...=(
  11. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    But mine's IS a working tutorial :/
  12. paultizzle

    paultizzle Newbie

    cybertails the installer works it seems to install fine but when phone reboots no custom splash screen just my huawei one.maybe im converting the file wrong... first i convert it in to a .rgb565 then renaming it converts it to a .mbn any additional tips?
  13. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Did you open the archiving program, go to System > Media and put the oemlogo.mbn file into that folder? that may be the issue, because it works for me every time :)

    A good archiving program I use is 7-zip
  14. paultizzle

    paultizzle Newbie

    yes then i put the . zip in to my sd card and flashed it. installer runs fine then i reboot my phone and BAM! huawei symbol.....i have a custom boot screen would that affect what im trying to do?
  15. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hang on, What I'm asking is that, in the archiving program, did you go into the system/media folder, then dragging the oemlogo.mbn file into said folder first, then put the zip into the SD Card?
  16. paultizzle

    paultizzle Newbie

    yes i opened the installer.zip with winrar and put the oemlogo.mbn into system/media folder.then i put the zip into my sd card...
  17. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That's Strange, I'll have to look into the file myself and see if I did anything wrong :)

    EDIT: for me, make sure that the rgb565 file is 150kbs (that is what it usually comes up with me)
  18. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    heres how I do it:

    [How To] Setup Static Bootlogo (Before Animated Boot Animation)

    I have no clue what file Cybertails is finding n changing, no offense CyberTails. The file I change out on every ROM I've done is the initlogo.rle which is in root (what the extracted boot.img is on the phone).
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  19. paultizzle

    paultizzle Newbie

    omg thank you thank you pg but....now i need help with this tut.i get lost in the whole conversion process plz help me out....again. most appreciated....im just not sure how to go about convert the file altogether....
  20. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Non Taken, I was only offering some help to all of the M835 Users out there :D
  21. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    basically on *nix, you need to install imagemagik (for convert) then copy that script and save it as a .sh file. I edited mine to use initlogo.png and to convert it to initlogo.rle. but once you have convert and the 565 whatever file, just put you prepared image in the dir with the .sh file and run it by typing ./yourbootsplashconvert.sh (name can be wtfe u wanna name it ;)) and it will do all the work for ya. but like I said getting it change out is another story lol
    NP, I dont doubt what ya done or how, I just havent seen a file like that in a stock rom or cm7 lol.
  22. kingsolo00

    kingsolo00 Newbie

    can somebody plz help cuz i kno dat i follown da steps down 2 a T but its not working plz help:thinking: and thanx in advance
  23. BlueCity

    BlueCity Lurker

    Link is down again. Please reup!
  24. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Android Enthusiast

    I know I have been,look ng for a link ... But it was a year ago

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