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HOWTO: Install Missing Android Market on XPERIA X10 Mini

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crazydip, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. crazydip

    crazydip Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If you have a phone with the Android Market missing, this post is for you.
    For some unexplained reason, some phones, even new ones, came without the Android Market. Mine did, and I was not happy. I found an easy solution, and hope that it will help other's in the same situation.

    This thread applies to every Android phone, but specific information is based on the XPERIA X10 Mini. If you have another phone, please read this HOWTO fully before applying the steps.


    1. This howto explains how to install the missing Android Market. This is NOT for people who are having problems installing apps. If you have Android Market but are having problems with it, this post is NOT for you.
    2. This was done with Android 1.6.
    3. Do NOT upgrade to 2.1 before fixing your market issue as it may cause you to have to hunt down newer versions of software, which is more difficult to find.
    4. That said, this method should work on 2.1. People in this thread have reported that my method works with 2.1. I have also provided software options for both versions.
    5. This should work for any Android 1.6 or 2.1 phone, but you will need to find your own Vending.apk made specifically for your phone model and Android version. I have provided only Xperia X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro Vending.apk files.


    - 1 -
    First reboot your phone. Just turn it off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on. Once on your home screen, wait 1 to 2 minutes for everything to load.

    - 2 -
    Charge your phone. I recommend having at least 50% battery power, 100% would be best.

    - 3 -
    Allow installation of foreign apps by checking "Unkown Sources":
    Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources

    - 4 -
    Copy Android Market file (Vending.apk) to your phone's SD card.

    Use the USB cable and select "Connect to phone" and mount it if it was not mounted already by dragging down the top notification bar and selecting "USB Connected" and hitting "mount".

    Now copy Vending.apk using your favorite file manager from your computer to your phone. Unmount/eject your phone on your computer.

    Unmount your computer by dragging down the top notification bar and selecting "Turn off USB storage" and hitting "unmount". Take out the USB cable from the phone.

    - 5 -
    a) If you are on Android 1.6:
    Install UniversalAndRoot. Below is a direct link to 1.6.2beta5 (NOTICE: this may not be the newest version when you read this):

    b) If you are on Android 2.1:
    Install z4root. Below is a link to a post. Read that first post and follow the directions on how to soft root your phone:

    - 6 -
    If you are using 1.6:
    Soft root with Universal AndRoot. Launch Universal AndRoot and before you hit "Root phone", select the option "Soft root".

    If you are using 2.1:
    Follow the instructions in the z4root post linked above.

    For everyone - both 1.6 and 2.1:
    Soft root means that the root will only hold until you restart the phone. This is your best and easiest option. Otherwise you will have to got back and unroot your phone after you are done.

    NOTE: read what it says when your soft root your phone. If it fails, try again. Mine failed the first time. Second time it worked. Just remember to select "soft root"!

    - 7 -
    Install SlideMe market place which you can find here:

    - 8 -
    Download and install AndRootFile from SlideMe. If you need help with SlideMe, just read their help section.

    - 9 -
    Open AndRootFile on your phone and gain root permission. You do this by clicking the "super user" icon.

    Now find your the Vending.apk you copied previously and copy it to /system/app/ which you do by clicking on your Vending.apk file and selecting copy. Next you go to your root directory by clicking the [ / ] button. If this button is not available, just go up in the directory structure until you cannot go any further. You will see the /system/ and /sdcard/ folders. Now navigate to your /system/app/ folder and paste the file there.

    - 10 -
    Install /system/app/Vending.apk by clicking on it inside AndRootFile.

    - 11 -
    Exit AndRootFile and see if the Market app is installed. It should show up in your list of apps. DO NOT OPEN the Market app. If the Market installation was a success, restart your phone. Just turn it off, then turn it back on.


    For your convenience, I have provided the Vending.apk file for Android 1.6 that I know works. I have also provided a Vending.apk for Android 2.1. See the attachments below.

    Just extract it from the provided .zip file. This Vending.apk file was copied from another X10 Mini phone which had it pre-installed. The provided Vending.apk files are for XPERIA X10 Mini and Mini Pro running Android 1.6 or 2.1 ONLY! If you have a different phone or Android version, you MUST get a Vending.apk made for your phone model and Android version.

    PLEASE NOTE: I have not tested if the Vending.apk for Android 2.1 works. Use at your own risk. But multiple people have reported that it works!

    The latest 2.1 update (
    2.0.2.A.0.24) DISABLES rooting!! If you install this version, you will not be able to root your phone. You will not be able to install the Android Market. DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.0.2.A.0.24 before installing the Android Market!! Once you install the Android Market and it works, you can upgrade without problem.

    Hope this helps all those people that received a phone without Android Market.

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  2. rufusito

    rufusito Lurker

    Works OK... I did it on my X10 mini pro. Everything fine...!!!
  3. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    Moved to SE Xperia Mini.
  4. Yudakarnos

    Yudakarnos Lurker

    Hey there,..thanks for the tutorial,..but i need a little further explanations. I dont understand from step 5...how can i install and launch the universalandroot in my x10? I have already download universalandroot, vending apk, slide me using my laptop..and in which folder of my sd card to put them?? i tried to copy the universalandroot file to one of the folder in my sd card,..and thats it..??? i dont know how to begin step 5 like you said..how to begin installing in my x10??
    help please....im very very rookie in this computer android world. many thanks for your help

  5. myckmaven

    myckmaven Lurker

    Hey crazydip, very nice tip. I have a Xperia x8 and it doesnt have also android market. I tried your tips but i cannot Soft root my x8, it keeps on failing. can you help me.
  6. crazydip

    crazydip Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Just download UniversalAndRoot and SlideMe using your phone's web browser. Once downloaded, you will have an option to install.

    I don't know how to do it if you do not have internet access on your phone, because once you get the apk's on the phone, without AndRootFile or another file browser, you will not be able to see and install the apk's. Maybe there is a way, but I don't know it.

    I don't have an X8. For an X8 you will 1) have to find a way to root it and 2) find out if the Vending.apk I provide is for your phone. Changes are that it is the same apk, but chances are that it is not. If not, you will have to find a Vending.apk for X8.

    To root the X8 phone try this post:
    Root/UnRoot X8 Detailed Explanation
    Just be sure to unroot it after you are done with installing the Android Market. Instructions are also in that post (just scroll down).
  7. dante2086

    dante2086 Lurker

    Thanks man, it worked, ur the greatest
  8. Henrycn

    Henrycn Lurker

    Worked on x10 mini pro, you are the man. Thx a lot
  9. movac

    movac Lurker

    does anyone have a version of vending.apk that will for for android 2.1?
  10. crazydip

    crazydip Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Good news! I have update the tutorial to work with Android 2.1. I have also provided the Vending.apk file for Android 2.1.

    WARNING: I have not tested if the Vending.apk for 2.1 works. Use at your own risk. If you try it on 2.1, please report back here and give us your results.
  11. kmbrown3

    kmbrown3 Lurker

    Thanks for the tips:

    I'm so I have some ?s.

    I have a G! purchased off Ebay (I'm in the US). I believe this phone was hacked and some other version of software was installed.

    I have the Slideme downloaded already on the phone and I believe the phone is rooted (I may be confused on what that term actually means)

    Can I bypass some of these steps inorder to get the Android Market installed?
  12. diadroid

    diadroid Lurker

    Thanks a lot
    I successfully installed it for 1.6 middle east version
    now after update to 2.1
    I cant root the phone every time it fails!
  13. diadroid

    diadroid Lurker

    Thanks a lot
    I successfully installed it for 1.6 middle east version
    now after update to 2.1
    I cant root the phone every time it fails!
  14. deeptalk

    deeptalk Lurker

    thanks a lot crazydip!!!!! it works for me(SE X10 Mini Pro).

    I used z4root, instead of Universal AndRoot for Android 2.1.

    Thanks again for helping me come out of this shit of not having Android Market Application in an Android Phone. :)
  15. calipm

    calipm Lurker

    Thanks a million Crazydip!!!
    I bought a SE X10 Mini Pro on Amazon in the US. It must have originated somewhere where the Android Market (AM) is illegal, because AM was missing. Thought upgrading to 2.1 would fix it, but instead I got Slide SAM 4.0. Anyway, Crazydips procedure was successful in putting AM on my 2.1 device and I've used it to download a bunch of apps including Skype (which actually works pretty well). As Deeptalk recommended, I used z4root and it worked perfectly. Thanks man. To install it, just point your phone's browser to:
    Download starting... - Softpedia
    and then install after it downloads.
    The only question i have is whether AM will disappear again when I upgrade the next time (say to 2.2 when SE releases it in 2018 ;o). I guess I've answered my own question, it just doesn't matter :eek:) Thanks again Crazydip, Deeptalk and everyone else who has contributed to this effort.
  16. crazydip

    crazydip Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My Android Market was missing on my X10 Mini which had Android 1.6. I successfully installed the market and then after a few months upgraded my whole phone to Android 2.1. My market was still there, except it upgraded to a different version. I assume other people would have similar results: if you upgrade Android, your Android Market should be kept, except maybe you will receive an upgraded version.

    Of course, if for some reason it does wipe your Android Market off your phone, then you should be able to re-install it using my steps. You will just probably need to find a newer version of Android Market.

    For those that are missing Android Market *after* upgrade: maybe you don't have other necessary app's installed, such as the market upgrade app? Maybe.

    And if you are having rooting issues: like I said many times, just use a different root app - especially one compatible with your phone and Android version! z4root seems highly recommended. Try it. I don't root my phone anymore, so I don't know what works and what doesn't.
  17. ArthurIhde

    ArthurIhde Well-Known Member

    thanks, nice tips.[​IMG]
  18. nsujith

    nsujith Lurker

    Super! :) Thanks a ton man.
  19. Mozzyx2010

    Mozzyx2010 Lurker

    Can this work for X10i ?
  20. P-honzy

    P-honzy Lurker

    Hi All,

    Any support please with X10i pro, I did upgrade it to 2.1 but missing "Market" and files manager!

    The method described above is unhelpful and getting message "you do not have any third-party applications installed" under manage applications although both files z4root and Vending.apk both are installed in SD card :thinking:.

    Thanks for the swift help!
  21. snulla89

    snulla89 Lurker

    I got to step 10 and I just get the message "Market could not be installed on this phone" .. I tried again and again. Can you tell me why?
  22. alinearw

    alinearw Lurker

    heyyy one question... i did everything but i'm stuck on number 9 can't find the vending.apk i have a SONY ERICSSON X10 MINI how can i find it???? thanks
  23. abody-b

    abody-b Lurker

    i love u man, u saved my life. thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  24. arashima

    arashima Lurker

    I have a x10 mini pro with android 2.1. I've managed to install the market without any problem. And when i start the market it even shows the terms of use page and I accept it. But then the app starts and it's "loading". But then the program jump out back to the main menu suddenly.

    Anyone with similar problem or a solution?
  25. crazydip

    crazydip Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Follow the instructions more carefully! You need to do Step #3 and you must install Market to your phone, not SD card! Follow the directions, it tells you the exact place to install and how to do it.

    You did not do Step #3 (enable third-party install) or #9 correctly (specifically, enable root permissions). Read them over again.

    Read Step #1 to #8 more carefully. It tells you where to put the Vending.apk and then where to find it. No one can find it for you if you did not follow the directions because no one can know where you put it.

    Make sure your Market is installed correctly on your phone in the correct directory. Make sure your phone is not rooted. If your phone is not rooted, try clearing the cache of these apps:
    • Market
    • Market Updater
    • Account & Sync Setting
    • Android System
    • Application installer service
    • Checkin Service
    • Talk
    • Gmail
    • Gmail Storage
    • Google Apps
    • Google Talk Service
    Do this by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications and choosing the right application then hitting "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data" if available. Do this in the order above! Now turn off the phone and turn it back on. This fixed a similar problem I had in 1.6.

    NOTICE: This will remove your Google account from your phone. Of course, you will get it back after you sign in again.

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