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HowTo: Make your optimus m FAST! and improve battery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kanaida, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. kanaida

    kanaida Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    **4/1/2011 Update - Try an app called "SD Speed Boost" It's a buck, but it made my reading and writing to sdcard much faster. Writing went from 5->10MB/s, reading from 20MB/s->25MB/s
    I used the cache size of 3072 to get this speed using built in SD-Card that came with it.

    I benchmarked with "SD Tools", it made gallery instant, no loading. Also other general boosts overall.

    Value Write Read
    512 5.2 16.1
    1024 6.2 20.9
    2048 5.1 25
    2944 7.8 24.9
    3072 10.3 26.2
    3200 7.8 24.5
    3584 6.4 25.2

    I've also recently changed from swipe to "Gingerbread Keyboard". Swipe was slowing my phone down quite a bit, but I never noticed until I used a different keyboard, and examined it's cpu usage in "OS Monitor". It takes a lot of cpu to crunch and guess what you want to type. It also lowers battery slightly. Now i've got about 12ish hours of moderate use, and lcd timeout of 10mins. (because I hate it shutting off one me, got used to using the power button)

    After tons and tons of messing with my phone here's whats worked for me.
    It sped up my optimus by about double, as well as battery life, you guys will laugh but I even keep my backlight display on for 10 mins at a time in the settings and it's still last all day long. It's just easier for using it as an mp3 player while driving when you don't have a mount.
    I have about 110 apps right now, mostly on SDCard with no real bad slowdowns like the stock install. I have about 28 MB Free on my phone at all times (internal memory).

    1) Root it with that app on the market, z4 something or other. Permanent root.
    2) Get Root Explorer from the market
    3) Open Root Explorer and press the "Mount R/W" button
    3) Make a folder on your sdcard called backup (/sdcard/backup)
    4) Open Root explorer and goto /system/apps
    5) Move the following files from /system/apps to /sdcard/backup
    thinkdroid.apk <- I re-install this one after, but it's no longer installed a "system app" which is great.

    Optional, but makes things MUCH faster:
    1) Get LauncherPro from the market
    2) switch to it using an app called home switcher
    2b) In preferences, General Settings, check "Keep in Memory"

    3) Same as above move /system/apps/LGHome.apk to /sdcard/backup

    4) Move the metropcs messenger app to /sdcard/backup, I use eBuddy instead.

    5) Get Android Assistant from the market.

    6) Shut down your phone, and turn it back on, let it settle for a min or so.

    7) Open up Android Assistant from the notification bar (the one with the startup time). disable crap you don't want from startup by checking them off in there.

    8) Open up Android Assistant (the app itself) when you first boot your phone and click "quick boost" to kill all kinds of stuff thats risidual from startup that you probably don't even use, it keeps your phone fast and responsive.

    Restoring apps you use:
    If you want to use ANY of those apps that you just removed again, just open up the APK files in your /sdcard/backup. But with the added benefit that you might be able to run some of them off your sdcard by using apps2sd and "Move2SD Enabler". If you cannot install the apk file, just copy it into /system/app. When you reboot your phone it will be as if you installed it.

    Charging/Battery Note:
    If you don't use the LG charger, the battery charges WAY slower.
    So charging off your pc or some other charger is bad, and make it seem like it takes forever, and drains fast. I think the Amps or voltage rating is higher than other adapters. I think Powered usb hubs charge faster too.

    Video Chatting:
    Download an app called tango. Use a mirror so they can see you while you see them, lol.
    Yeah i know it's getto, but with a wifi connection it works great :). Not to mention it's fun with the ladies not having the cam facing the right way :p. I tried like 4 other apps, don't waste your time on those, they don't work or work right.

    Replacing annoying MetroPCS startup sound: "wireless for all"
    1) Make an mp3 file (I made mine 8 seconds long. Perfect length) and put it on your sdcard (name it PowerOn.mp3)
    Note: the name is probably case sensitive cause android is linux based.
    2) Using root explorer in R/W mode, rename /system/sounds/poweron/PowerOn.mp3 -> PowerOn.mp3.original
    3) Copy your mp3 off the SD card to /system/sounds/powern/PowerOn.mp3
    Shut down and Turn on to hear it. If it sucks make another mp3 :)

    If you know the filename to the "Usb Plugged in" sound, please let me know.

    -Go to the market and update google maps, google voice, and get google gesture search (da bomb). All these apps will NOT get updated on their own until the first time you do it yourself, and they have new features.

    -Don't get things that enable "swap", that crap just slows down your phone because it's constantly fighting to load apps + write to the swap file on your sdcard at the same time.

    -Use Google's gesture search. There is nothing better and easier to use to access anything on your phone. I can find apps/contacts/even hidden settings, without even looking at my phone.
    You do have to go into the gesture search settings and check off everything so it gets indexed first!

    -Use Bluetooth with your pc, get a cheap 8$ usb adapter or if it's a laptop it's probably built in. You can easily download an apk file, or any other file on your pc comfortably, right click and send directly to your phone in a single click. Then just open it right from the notification bar or with a file explorer in /sdcard/bluetooth/misc. That's how I send new wallpapers all the time without even taking me phone out of my pocket. In the bluetooth security make sure to change the "Incoming Security" to "Always connect" so it won't nag you.

    Have fun guys, if you have anything to add let me know.
    Also let me know if you have tried Class 10 MicroSd cards, that's the only thing I think I can still do to make it even faster. Theoretically my apps should load faster then.

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  2. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Android Enthusiast

    this method only works on older optimus's with 2.2, 2.2.1 will not root.
  3. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    "So charging off your pc or some other charger is bad, and make it seem like it takes forever, and drains fast."

    I disagree with this statement. All batteries charge better and more completely when charged slower. It should last longer not drain faster. In reality, the difference would be negligible though and not noticeable in regular use. I believe this has just been your perception.
  4. Subzero79

    Subzero79 Newbie

    So I thought I would give this rooting a try today and I accidentally uninstalled the LG Home sreen system on my Optimus M using the Titanium program without backing it up. Not that it matters because now the phone just turns on and stays frozen on the startup screen that says ANDROID (right after the hello, hello, hello). Is there anything that can be done or am I really screwed..
  5. green_machine

    green_machine Newbie

    There's a recovery on another thread
  6. mike28

    mike28 Android Expert

    thanks men I had done that before with a friend and it does work faster
  7. kanaida

    kanaida Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    What I mean was that:
    A) yes it charges noticably faster, for example if i just got up in the morning and i'm eating breakfeast and whatever, I get more % during a shorter period.

    B) I don't notice any difference whatsoever on discharge time, but making sure extra crap isn't running all the time makes it last the longest. I wasn't saying that charging time affects discharge time or not.

    I use my phone constantly most of the day and all I can say is, out of the box that thing chugs back battery life like beer compared to now.
  8. kanaida

    kanaida Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Do you ever get past that android logo?
    I would see if you can connect via usb cable and use the developer kit to see if you can use the adb.exe on it to install LGHome.apk remotely.

    Not sure if you can do that during your particular state.

    As for the recovery, I've never tried it. I'll put a warning next to that part though just to warn others.
  9. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    Thanks for clarifying what you meant. For your knowledge, if you have the time to get a slower charge but it still be complete when you need it (i.e. when you are sleeping) then you should pick the longer charge cycle. It is very well known that fast charging has a detrimental effect on lifelong charging cycles. So, if you charge fast all the time then your battery might last up to 50% less time compared to one slow charged (i.e # of charge cycles)
  10. kevinwarhaft

    kevinwarhaft Newbie

    thanks for this info
  11. andyo70

    andyo70 Android Enthusiast

    As far as I know that sound made when USB is plugged in is whatever you have choosen for your "Notification" sound. This can be set to silent but it will effect anything you want notifications for, not just the USB being plugged in.
  12. stevenkabc

    stevenkabc Lurker

    RE Charging using PC...

    pc usb port is 500ma lg charger is 750ma. Motorola has an 1000ma charger. More juice = faster charge.
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