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[HOWTO] Wifi Tethering

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yatimameiji, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I dont know why no one wrote this one up. Its very simple.

    I'll leave the stuff below for posterity, but there is a new and better way to do wifi tethering. The folks at xda found a way to enable the Mobile AP part of Galaxy S and port it to the Vibrant. Enjoy

    Mobile AP App Fixed to Work on Samsung Vibrant | xda-developers

    1. Root your phone
    2. Google search: Android wifi tether
    3. Should be the first link for android-wifi-tether - Project Hosting on Google Code
    4. On the side in the green box is Featured Downloads. Select the latest version, at this point in time its ver 2.0.5-pre8
    5. Download and install
    6. Run app, it will ask for SU permissions when you start and stop tether.

    Notes: Encryption works and just for kicks I would say turn on Access Control(MAC filter).

    Not the best speed, but then I'm in my workplace and signal is a bit low.

  2. mavictb

    mavictb Well-Known Member

    better speed than I get lol.... I get 800kbps down and 750kbps up but im 227 miles from the nearest speedtest.net server.
    im using the same program for teather which seems to be really good. I did use encryption and mac filtering lol seems to work great.

    good little writeup btw.
  3. Poopypants

    Poopypants Lurker

    So someone please explain to me the difference here between this program and pda net tethering program and is the connection speed for stuff like .torrent downloads going to be considerably different using this instead? More then anything will I be able to use my vibrant as a wifi hotspot for online gaming on my xbox?
  4. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    My understanding is pda net is 'Wired' tethering, while this program uses the built in wifi radio to make it work like a wireless access point(ie the stuff in your home router that gives you a wifi signal, ya).

    Ummm don't be stupid and use bit torrent, you'll probably reach your cap in no time and get put in the slow lane. And I wouldn't use it for any sort of hard core gaming as well latency counts and as you can see my ping time is rather long.
  5. Poopypants

    Poopypants Lurker

    so your telling me tmobiles unlimited, isnt..... niiiiiice.

    ive used utorrent and pda net since i first had a G1, always seeeeemed consistant in dl speeds... never was really testing back then though.

    any idea what the cap is? ul/dl separate or is it all in one up
    + dl?
  6. Poopypants

    Poopypants Lurker


    this is what i have with pdanet..... odly enough im 45 min outside of LA.. dunnowhat this 300+ mile business is...
  7. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  8. aeok18109

    aeok18109 Newbie

    thank you so much for this guide. not having internet at the house anymore due to lack of funds has been evil. i streamed an episode of bleach from crunchy roll thu my PHONE ppl. my PHONE. i dont think you realize how epic that is LOL.
  9. bootsie

    bootsie Well-Known Member

    I have installed this, but cant get my Ipad or my PC to see the AndroidTether ssid. Am I doing something wrong? I am rooted and ready to go
  10. bootsie

    bootsie Well-Known Member

    Nevermind everyone, got it working, had to uninstall and reinstall the newest APK 2.0.8 and it worked like a charm!!!
  11. rmp5s

    rmp5s Well-Known Member

    Very awesome. I love this phone...rooted it in about 2.5 min and got free wifi tethering in about 1 min. Don't get any easier than that!
  12. shaahinjjj

    shaahinjjj Well-Known Member

    why would one want to do wifi tethering? i was just curious
  13. bootsie

    bootsie Well-Known Member

    If you are on the road and dont have WIFI for your Laptop or Ipad, it makes your cell phone a HOTSPOT, until the Vibrant gets Froyo we dont have this option
  14. lcrkz0023

    lcrkz0023 Member

    Here's what I use for tethering. It works absolutely perfect for vibrant owners. Easy direction if you have Astro file manager be sure to go into preference and click box "able to download from browser" or use your PC to download.

    Wireless Tether - xda-developers
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  15. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Actually the Galaxy S has wireless tethering... I think T-mobile removed it from the vibrant.
  16. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Added to guide sticky. Good job.
  17. rmp5s

    rmp5s Well-Known Member

    I did this to my rooted vibrant and it always just says that my phone is in an unknown state...what does that mean?
  18. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Are you trying the Wireless Tether app? Make sure you have the latest version. But I would recommend using the Mobile AP mod that reintegrates the original wifi hotspot functionally this phone had.
  19. lordmalice

    lordmalice Member

    i use easy tether it seems to run smoother than pda net ive not got a rooted phone but i would also like to know if i use easy tether or tethered it via root will it run off my network ie edge gsm 3g etc or can it pull wifi service from my dlink router at home

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