Help HP touchpad freezes


Dec 25, 2011
My SC-70mid series HP Touchpad uses Android 2.2. When I startup, it freezes on the droid icon. I've tried to reset it several times using the reset button, but it does the same thing when I reboot. It powers off immediately when I press the power button, rather than taking a few seconds. What can I do to fix it?

Charles Powell
My SC-70mid series HP Touchpad uses Android 2.2.

Hi Charles. What is a SC-70 series TP?

The guides and advice provided here are for people who had webOS installed on the TP originally. Did yours come preinstalled with Android (one of the leaked test tablets)?
... and it won't help.

Are you able to get into webOS recovery (usb symbol)? If so, you might be able to update to CM7.1, but you'd have to copy the files to your TP from Android or push them via ADB. Have you seen this guide?

Otherwise, your best bet would be to contact Dalingrin (or via Twitter) and see if he can help you get CM7.1 installed on it OR return it to HP and have them fix it.
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