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HTC 2010 Roadmap

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by danielw, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. danielw

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  2. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Android Enthusiast

    This story broke YESTERDAY (12/05/09) [EXCLUSIVE] HTC Portfolio 2010 (Q1-Q2) - xda-developers as an exclusive on XDA Developer's site and should be credited to B3ler3fonte who did all the hard work of putting it all together instead of Engadget who um, "borrowed" it and called it a "breaking" story.

    What is confusing is: Does Tmo get the HTC Passion in Dec/Jan? There is a consensus that says "Yes" because the Passion was slated for Dec 2009 release and this Roadmap is of 2010 releases and The Passion is not therefore mentioned. It remains to be seen.

    Since Tmo has reportedly lost 77k subscribers in Q3, it would seem most prudent to put out a desirable phone in Q4 to shore up it's numbers. According to this list, the soonest Tmo can expect a new HTC is April??? They could bleed customers profusely by that time. Customers may bail and move to a carrier with the Hero/Eris rather than wait until April to get the Bravo. I can't believe that Tmo would be that callous.

    Besides, waiting until April to put a dog in this fight gives the other companies a chance to put out something greater now that they know what to expect from Tmo. And by April, the entire playing field could change in a myriad of ways.

    Tmo has the Behold. I have read that the Behold can be laggy. It may or may not upgrade from Android 1.5 to 2.0. The cube is pretty useless because you cannot configure it with your own apps. Not things that one wants to "put up with" when you can change carriers and get a better phone. And since the Early Termination Fees have changed, it is easier to say Buh-bye and get yourself happy!

    Tmo can no longer afford to be arrogant in a field of "winner take all" propositions. It's a customer's market now. Customers can come and go when they are not happy and take their dollars with them...and they ARE...IN DROVES :D

    Clearly customers want Android and they want phones with a full suite of features. People are unwilling to accept lousy substitutes while they watch the other carrier phones with envy. You dump the zero and get a Hero...literally, LOL.

    Wake up Tmo. Ask not for whom the bell tolls...
  3. tats_06

    tats_06 Android Enthusiast

    So anything for Verizon? :)
  4. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

  5. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Android Enthusiast

    It's the same article as referenced above. The difference is that Phandroid gives credit to the original author where credit is due. ;)

    Clearly, B3ler3fonte over at XDA is someone to listen to. There are so many rumors out in the wild that its hard to know what to believe. Few if any have so many codes, pictures and dates to coincide with their "tips" as this leak has. Great info!

    Now...Is the Passion coming to Tmo in Dec/Jan? (I am nothing if not consistent, LOL) Did I mention that I am not good @ disappointment?

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