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Support HTC 30fps response to my support query - contractions?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kys, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. kys

    kys Member
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    Jun 8, 2010
    TLDR- HTC says (all in the same support response):

    -30fps cap is due to the HDMI output.
    -30fps is a hardware limitation.
    -The Evo has been locked to 30fps to enhance performance.
    -The evo has been locked to 30fps to increase battery life.
    -There are 3rd party ways to unlock the 30fps, but warns against doing so (duh).

    I emailed HTC about the 30fps issue and the jerky animations and this is what they responded with. At first, she says (several times) that it is a hardware limitation because of the HDMI. Then she says, almost as if she's pasted from a different support script, that the device has been locked at 30fps to enhance the overall performance. THEN she says it's locked in order to make the "cpu work less" to increase battery life. Oh, and of course, she tells me that there are 3rd party ways to remove the limitation and warns me against doing so.

    If it is a hardware limitation, why tell me that they locked it to increase performance and battery life? If it is a hardware limitation, why did she tell me that there are ways to remove it with 3rd party software? Complete contradictions.

    Anyway, here is their response in full:

    Hi, I'm Kay and I will be glad to assist you today. I understand how frustrating this is for you. You mentioned the device being slow. If you downloaded and installed any 3rd party apps (apps from the Android Marketplace) or other they could be causing the device to appear to be slow to respond. You may try to remove them and put them back one at a time to see if a particular app is slowing the device down. As for the 30 frames per second limitation, since the HTC EVO 4G employs a unique HDMI output to deliver video in HD quality to an external display, the hardware graphics driver interface on the HTC EVO 4G uses significant resources for the HDMI output and therefore displays graphics at 30 frames per second on the integrated display. This is a hardware, and not a software, limitation. It


  2. RiverOfIce


    Mar 30, 2010
    In exile
    I am going to take the normal beating for this but, here I go.

    "-30fps cap is due to the HDMI output."
    This may have to do with through put. They choose to use a limited through put hdmi connector, also the processor pathway for the hdmi may have a through but limit of 30fps (or the amount of data that is per second)

    "-30fps is a hardware limitation."
    Very possible. 2.6ghz is a hardware limitation of a 2.6 ghz processor. Kind of in the name. They could use a video hardware, that just locks the firmware at 30fps. Which is completely related to above problem. Through put.

    "-The Evo has been locked to 30fps to enhance performance."
    Which could be a hardware lock of through put. Which is not contradiction.
    If you cap the frame per second, more processor can be used to do other things, which increases performance. This can be seen in console games like gears of war. By reducing the frames per second to 30. GOW3 was allowed to increase the physics and smoothness of particle effects. 30 frames per second is not really that slow.

    "-The evo has been locked to 30fps to increase battery life."
    This is 100% true, less frames per second, the less processor, more battery life. Just how it works. Sorry.

    "-There are 3rd party ways to unlock the 30fps, but warns against doing so (duh)."
    There is a ton of software out there that will do all sorts of things to your hardware. There is an program that will turn off the cpu fan on your computer. There is also one that will turn a 2.6 ghz into a 4.2 ghz. There is one that can take 800mhz memory and turn it into 1.6 ghz. Will they work, maybe for 2 seconds, and if you did get them to work, overclocking, if not done right, will destroy your hardware. The over engineering on hardware has decrease alot in the last few years.

    Bottom line, she was just being honest. There is no contradictions.

    Video chip, or the processor, memory, or bus speed is limited on the htc evo, which is a hardware (firmware) limitation of the htc evo. This limitation is for both the hdmi and internal screen of the htc evo. It was done to increase performance and battery life of the phone. You can hack the firmware of the htc evo, to push the hardware past the normal specs.

    What 3rd party software is doing is just over clocking the hardware, overclocking by definition is increasing performance past manufacture specifications. By overclocking, you are stressing the hardware.

    If you push the hardware too hard, you will fry it. If anyone fries their hardware, they will come here saying, I just overclocked and killed my phone, anyone tried to get a htc to replace an over clocked phone.

    In day to day use, 30 fps is very, very, very, quick. So going past that frames is really not needed, unless you just want to say you have it.

    Any lag you see in the phone is not do to the 30fps, it is do to the touch screen controller.

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