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HTC 3G piggy back to another source?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by howyman, May 24, 2010.

  1. howyman

    howyman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,
    I was wondering Is there a way or an App. to piggy back the 3G to say a laptop through the usb??

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  2. spanky412

    spanky412 Newbie

    yep pdanet easyteather just to name a few. Watch how much you are on it because they can tell when you are on it (going to get feedback on that on) PDAnet masked the connection pretty well. Just watch doing alot of downloading at once ( this was why I got a call about my usage from VERIZON)
  3. monkymate

    monkymate Lurker

    I assume you mean tethering your phone via usb or blue-tooth to a laptop to use your 3G for internet access. If so then there are several options.

    1st - June Fabrics PdaNet application can be used for all versions of the Eris OS and all leaks. You can use Http (none secure) access without buying the program, BUT if you want to use Https (secure websites) then you will have to pay for it. Just look for PdaNet in the Marketplace. That is the one that I would recommend. Also search for tethering under the marketplace and you can see the others. There are other ways to do it if you have root access on your phone too. Do some searches as all of these options have been covered in plenty of detail here.
    Hope this helps,
  4. monkymate

    monkymate Lurker

    What did they say during the call? I think they would document this in a letter instead of a call. Or send you a SMS to call them about your account. I use lots of data on my phone through Pandora, RadioTime and lots of YouTube videos. I also do tethering via PdaNet (surfing only, my cable modem is for downloading) and I have never been contacted by Verizion. I have gone over the 5GB per month. There have been lots of discussions on this but I have yet to see alot of proof that the data plan is not Unlimited or that tethering in moderation gets you in trouble. Now if you use the phone as your only internet access and you download movies all day long I could see where that would be a problem. But like I said I HAVE exceeded the 5GB/Month limit that is imposed and never received any contact from Verizon.
  5. spanky412

    spanky412 Newbie

    when they called I was near 10g how they caught it is the amount of data going thru at once. Music movies ect downloaded. that's what I was doing when I got caught. All they asked was there a problem with my phone because of all the data that was being downloaded. I have checked with a v-tech and he said the same thing they can tell because of all the downloading and not much up loading. They said that they are going to add tethering in the coming months as well can see it is the next version of software.
  6. howyman

    howyman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanx guys didn't even know it was possible. i was like i have it on my phone but didnt want to pay for another on my laptop

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