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HTC Aria Screen Repair Take Apart Guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by repairsuniverse, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. repairsuniverse

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    This will help you replace a damaged or cracked glass touch screen digitizer, or a broken LCD screen as well as other damaged parts If you have issue with your touchscreen digitizer and LCD screen, we will take you through the steps on how to disassemble your HTC Aria phone safely and easily so you can install replacement parts and repair your phone.

    This guide will help you to install the following HTC Aria part(s):
    • HTC Aria Glass Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

    Tools Required:
    • Safe Open Pry Tool
    • Small Phillips Screwdriver
    • Tri Wing Screwdriver

    • First, using a Tri Wing Screwdriver, remove the 4 screws as shown at figure 1.
    Figure 1​

    • The back cover can now be removed including the top section, the sim card and memory card.
    • Then gently lift off the top section which contains the power button. Use safe pry tool to release the clips then separate the button piece of the phone.
    • You can now release the pop ribbon connector of the LCD screen as shown at figure 2.
    Figure 2​

    • Using safe pry tool, separate the LCD screen and the glass screen away from the phone. Carefully pry and lift off as there is still a connector at the top part of the screen.
    • Using Small Phillips, remove the 2 screws then use safe pry tool to pop off the earpiece.
    Figure 3​

    • Gently elevate off the metal cover to free up the screen digitizer cable. As soon as the ribbon cable is disconnected, you'll be able to completely separate the screen from the phone.
    • When separating the LCD display screen, it is necessary to use your hot air gun or hair dryer to warm up the adhesive that holds the glass in position, and then you'll be able to lightly pry it off using your open safe pry tool.

    Now you will be able to change any parts for your HTC Aria. Merely exchange the broken portions with the brand new ones and opposite the order to put your phone together again.

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  2. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
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  3. chase111

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    repairs universe is badass site.
  4. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
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    Glad you like it! We're here to help!
  5. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
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    If anyone has difficulties with this written guide, we also have available a repair guide video for this device. The video can be found at RepairsUniverse (dot) com.

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