HTC Bee and Desire for Alltel Launching Soon with Arrival of Dummies


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Another dummy unit spotting! Today, Alltel seems ready to showcase the HTC Bee and the HTC Desire in all its nonfunctional glory. Rumors have pegged releases of these phones on the Verizon-owned network for quite some time, and while we still have yet to learn anything official, this is as much proof as anyone will [...]



Just to clear up a few things, It's my understanding that Alltel is still Alltel in a few markets (like here in southwest Ga). It's now owned by a company called ATN (ATNI) and will be for like 20 something years. Word is they are planning to "revive the name" in small markets. Anyway we did get the CDMA Desire about 2 weeks ago and I've since picked one up. (go to Cell Phone, Cell Phone Plans, and Cell Phone Accessories - Alltel Wireless and use 39817 as the zip you can view the specs for it, although it is pretty much just a normal CDMA Desire with a few Alltel wallpapers and the like) Incase anyone's wondering, it is an amazing phone and I am very pleased with it so far, especially coming from a touch pro.

Now... A few questions for you folks. Will the unrevoke root work for the alltel variant of the CDMA Desire? If and when the USCC CDMA Desire 2.2 upgrade is release will it work for the Alltel variant? And finally does anyone else here at AndroidForums own an Alltel Desire which they've successfully rooted?