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HTC customer service? No such thing!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Olivia.Love, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Olivia.Love

    Olivia.Love Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I am wondering if anybody else has suffered due to HTC's lack of care and communication.
    I wanted to buy myself a personalised HTC Tattoo cover, as I thought it would be worth it, especially with the 20% discount they are offering. (With the IMEI acting as the discount code) When it came to me 'checking out' I was taken to a website called, Imageware AS. I entered all my card details only to then realise I could have used my Paypal account which would be much simpler. I entered my login/pass for Paypal and my laptop wouldn't load the page! So now my order is stuck in limbo and is 'awaitiing payment' like it has been since the 1st of January 2010. I tried to email HTC and had no such look as I was being told it was being forwarded to the right department. I then made a phone call to HTC on January 5th 2010 only to be told again this is being forwarded to the right department! I was also told to expect a phone call from someone on this department! Here I stand, January 9th and I havent heard a peep from them.

    What do I do??
    Has anyone else experienced this??


  2. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    Sorry to hear about your problem,

    Seems like you've had the right run around..... I would suggest ringing them one more time and if you don't get it resolved on the phone theirs nothing like good old snail mail to get things done ;)

    I wish you the best in getting your issue resolved :)
  3. finhex

    finhex Newbie

    I ordered my tattoo covers last November. Problem was that when I entered my IMEI code system told me that it's invalid. I tried to enter it dozen of times but always with same result until finally I gave up and ordered covers without discount. Then I sent email about the issue but HTC customer service never answered me. So I agree with thread title... :(
  4. Just thought that I'd point out that the custom covers for the Tattoo are handled through a separate company called Subcostume based out of Europe and manufactured in HK as stated in the FAQ on tattoomyhtc.com

    Perhaps contacting Subcostume and not HTC is your solution in this case.
  5. Olivia.Love

    Olivia.Love Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am investigating the website subcostume. It seems I either have to "open ticket" and begin emailing them aswell as HTC, or it sends me back to Imagware AS to call. Im going round in circles! Ill phone tomorrow and if no luck, then looks like it is a snail mail job. BOO! :(
  6. Qlither

    Qlither Lurker

    I ordered a cover, i even got the discount. However, i am still waiting on the "
  7. Olivia.Love

    Olivia.Love Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Looks like everyone is suffering at their hands. HTC aren't really very nice at allll......

    The ignoring of my emails has carried on today. Since they actually haven't even took my payment due to me being awful. I'm deciding to be optimistic, so I'm hugely thankful. As I am not really tied to them at all, my lack of patience has insisted I buy a case but from else where. An english shipping site! 17.50 it has cost me, with P&P. But I'm quite happy as there has been no hassle and the payment has gone out of my Paypal account successfully. Perfect. :D
  8. Qlither

    Qlither Lurker

    yay it came today. That has to be some of the best/worst timing for the post i have ever done.

    Aside from the god awful postage and lack of support full stop, the case is very nice, i made it myself :D
  9. Mine would have been delivered today but no one was home to sign for it. damn it.
  10. Qlither

    Qlither Lurker

    Just like to give an update. Mine did come late, that could have been down to it being christmas. The cover its self is pretty good quality, great colours, though it does not quiet match up 100 % - that is to say the second photo i have over the first does not match up perfectly about 95% in line with the other side.

    I think i may try my luck again, i really like the idea of being able to create my own designs.
  11. Olivia.Love

    Olivia.Love Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How strange today...18 days after I had the complete order failure. I've received an email telling me my item has been dispatched! The money hasnt been taken out of my bank account so they couldnt possibly have received the payment! How odd. Lets see if its the customised cover I ordered. Maybe patience is key afterall.
  12. Qlither

    Qlither Lurker

    yes i fully agree with you here, though slow and steady does not win the customers :/
  13. Olivia.Love

    Olivia.Love Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Here I am...8 days since i last posted...with my very own personalised Tattoo cover just as I ordered it, but didnt pay for. In all honestly it does look abit odd...you can see like little faint lines...for some reason. But looking at it, it now looks like my phone. Pink, with a flower on it :D Costumer service/communication is rubbish yet here I am with what I wanted. Thank you HTC, someone must have read my demanding emails at some point!
  14. Icefaery

    Icefaery Newbie

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