HTC Delivery reports for SMS


On my HTC desire in the SMS settings i have ticked the receive delivery report when an SMS is delivered to another phone

However..........i never get a report!! I used to get a sms with my old phone

Anyone have any ideas?????!!!



It does work, but not in the usual way. Once you have ticked the box you have to hold down on the message you have sent and select delivery report/information. I turned mine off again cos even if you dont look at the report on Orange contract they still charge you 1p a report :thinking: (even though i get unlimited texts)


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yea ths true. not normal delivery reports. its thr but u have to keep on pressin the message and thn select view report. kind of useless.
try HANDCENT, u get the normal sort of delivery reports in those. plus lotsss of customizations. cool app


I found this "hold and see report", but I just thought that it should come as notification. Ah, nevermind...

I'm in Croatia - Vipnet


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I am on Vodafone uk! My mates did not get my message at al the other day and she was sat next to me yet the view report buttom said it had been delivered!! tut tut!:p
I found this "hold and see report", but I just thought that it should come as notification.

But even doing this doesn't tell you at what time the message was delivered. I think that when you have come to rely on a certain functionality for the last few years, you expect modern handsets to have it as standard!


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I was under the impression that the little envelope which appears by the side of your message is a quick indicator whether it has been delivered or not?

I thought you had to hold it for more details?


If you are on O2 then reports for normal sms do not work you have to enter *0# in the actual body of the message before you start writing for a report.

MMS ones sometimes work, depends on the phone. I know that if I do one to an iPhone I won't get a report.