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HTC Desire 2.2 Sound problem.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by giorgos123, Sep 19, 2011.

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    So here I was in school minding my own bussiness.When I was coming back home I listened to music through the Default earphones HTC had.After I went home and unplugged the earphones I noticed that I had missed 3 calls and that my alarm rang at an extremely low volume. Now,let me tell you what I've tried.I've tried powering off the radio normally,rebooting,changing to speaker mode,calling while music is playing through speaker,maxed out all sliders,downloaded loadsa apps and maxed out the volume and still I cant hear it ring cause its way too quiet to be heard.I only hear a weird low volume noise and the vibration so i understand im been called.Thing is yesterday it was loud as hell and couldn't stand the volume at max but today it decided to go quiet mode.Weirder than that is that my earphones play at dead max volume so its probably the speaker's fault.Please tell me how to fix this or just tell me what can I do to give you more info or to help me..Im desperate and I only have this phone a week or two.

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