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Htc desire 300 contacts favourite action

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by andreashcy, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. andreashcy

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    I have just bought an htc desire300. I have set up the default action in the contacts in the favorites. but it doesnt work. i click on the contact icon in favorites and it takes me to that contact's details. i check below and the default action is "call mobile"
    I have tried removing the contact from favorites and adding them again like someone suggested but it didnt work.

    i would like to be able to click on a contacts picture and make a call to that contact directly (like i used to do on my previous htc)

    Can someone help out please

  2. olbriar


    Hi andreashcy. Welcome to Android Forums. Congrats on the new Desire. I hope these forums can resolve your problem and help you get the max enjoyment from your new phone. I don't know what's up with your favorites widget. First you must assign the desired contacts to the favorite group. You must also set the default action. Both of these are set up while in edit mode of that particular contact. Once set up, clicking on the contact picture will (or should) perform the default action. Clicking their name beside their picture will bring you the other options available for the contact. If you have that set up correctly and it's still not working... I'm honestly at a loss. I see that you've asked for help in the Desire area. Though your phone is a bit different than the Desire... general settings and widgets share similarities. We do not have a discussion area for your 300 so you've likely hit the best spot for some help. Good luck and thanks for joining these forums.

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