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Support HTC Desire 526 vwpp bad update stuck at HTC screen

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Feb 18, 2016.


how to update HTC desire 526 without sync

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  1. Android Question

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    I sync my phone n there's a update for it hell ya why not can't find anyway to get root on it maybe it'll get better with the update a cool lookin HTC logo comes across the screen way better than the shit it came with so I'm all sorts of excited can't wait for my HTC to get done go to bragging bout how badass android and HTC is to all my buddies who got hooked on iPhone and say it got a new 8 megapixel camera and has a fingerprint scanner I'll give em the scanner that's kinda tight but 8 that's it y'all r stuck in the stone age my 100$ phone from Walmart has that wait till its done so I can show yall how we roll n like n hour goes my and its stuck at green HTC boot up screen so ya I looked like an idiot but who cares my phone please help please yo I got these cheese burgers dog I'll suh nah I'd go get a new one


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