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HTC Desire 626 with many issues

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by mariahb, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. mariahb

    mariahb Lurker
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    Okay so for starters I've only had this phone for around 6 months so all of these sudden issues are incredibly upsetting. So tonight my phone did something weird where I think my case like trapped the power key down or something but anyway the home button started taking screenshots whenever I pressed it and the power button just flat out stopped working. The only way I was able to wake up my phone was by plugging it in to charge. So I looked it up and it seemed the general consensus was that I should do a hard (factory) reset on my phone. So after doing that it appeared my phone was like restarting and stuff. But now it just keeps doing the vibrate and HTC startup screen over and over again. There's nothing I can do to stop it. What should I do? Is my phone complete trash now? I also don't have insurance on the phone so if it's done for I will need to buy another phone. Thanks in advance for the help! :(

  2. Mihidu Kumara

    Mihidu Kumara Lurker

    you'll have to install the system software. it might help so try doing that:cool:
  3. Hadron

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    Make sure it's charged. Try pressing and holding the power key until it restarts, see if it boots normally after that. If not, try going back into recovery and doing another reset.

    Of course if your power key ad been damaged, as I think you were speculating, then a repair will be needed. But it's not clear that that is the case.

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