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htc desire 816 vs galaxy s3 phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by happy82181, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. happy82181

    happy82181 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 phone. I've been pretty happy with it but I am using it so much for browsing the web that I decided I wanted a larger screen. Also it overheats constantly. I cant afford an expensive phone, so the only 'phablet' I have been able to find is the htc desire 816. My carrier is virgin mobile. I have had lg's, and samsungs, but never htc. Any words of wisdom on my going from s3 to htc 816?

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  2. ADoug

    ADoug Newbie

    I also had a Galaxy s3. I recently upgraded to the desire 816 too because my s3 bricked. The Htc skin is so much more smoother than touchwiz. It's so smooth and slick. The Desire 816 is also much faster than the s3 and doesn't stutter or lag like the s3. As far as the screen goes the s3 has better color reproduction and is more vibrant than the desire, but the desire still has really good screen quality and is still sharp. As far as battery the desire can last me all day with heavy use and when the phone has the screen off the it uses like no battery, it's much better than the s3. The speakers are amazing and are the best I've heard from a smartphone. The camera is ok, it's not bad, i personally like the s3 camera more. In all HTC has a really good quality phone in software and hardware and has Samsung beat in many aspects. Also if you going to purchase the Desire 816 purchase it on amazon or QVC or HSN it's around $200 on those sites opposed to $300 on Virgin mobile. I hope this helps
  3. happy82181

    happy82181 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Doug

    Thanks for the reply. U answered my question so well that I know im going to get the 816 this week. Checked with qvc and they r sold out but hsn had them same price a couple of days ago but im not sure if they still have them. Best buy had it but they sold out yesterday. Hot item I guess. Thanks for your help.
  4. happy82181

    happy82181 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm new to the forum so I guess u all know that the s3 Overheats terribly. I do a lot of internet browsing so getting hot is to b expected I guess. But I've used my phone when completely cool and within ten minutes its hot. I have even taken the back case off to see if that would help. I'm ready to switch. I don't have the money to get a high end phone but I'm hoping the htc816 will do. You all r very helpful and I do appreciate this site.
  5. dennygreen

    dennygreen Android Enthusiast

    it's 190 on Amazon, which is where I got mine a couple weeks ago.

    I had my gs3 for two years on verizon, and then bought another one to switch to virgin.

    but I had terrible battery life after 4.3 and 4.4, and it did indeed get hot quite often.

    the Desire has yet to even feel warm that I've noticed, and the 2600mah battery lasts me an entire day which my 3000mah gs3 extended battery couldn't do anymore.

    my only complaints would be small annoyances with the HTC skin that most people wouldn't care about.

    If you can deal with the size, I would definitely switch.

    I'd recommend the amzer pudding case and the True shield glass screen protector since apparently the glass isn't as scratch resistant as the gs3's and others. You can't even tell that you're using a screen protector with this one.
  6. happy82181

    happy82181 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I never ordered a phone thru the mail. Can I activate it online when I receive it? Also do u have any tips on transferring info from s3 to 816? I saw an app HTC puts out to do that but don't know if it works.
  7. ADoug

    ADoug Newbie

    You're welcome ��. You can activate it online, you can either transfer your number or get a new one. Yeah HTC has a tool that allows you to transfer your data from one phone to another it should be easy. I never used it because all my data is saved on my sd card. It's a pretty good phone for the price.
  8. happy82181

    happy82181 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Im looking forward to the 816. I also have checked into the boost mobile zte max. It's larger and supposedly good. I'm with virgin now but used to be with boost. I need to decide because this phone has some problems and its too small for all the internet I do.
  9. ADoug

    ADoug Newbie

    You made a good choice. Personally i don't like ZTE, to me all of their phones are cheap and terrible. Judging from the reviews the Max is not that good of a phone. I hope you enjoy your new phone.
  10. mayur9890

    mayur9890 Lurker

    htc 816 is better than s3 in every aspect..be it screen quality,be it backup battery etc
  11. dennygreen

    dennygreen Android Enthusiast

    Here's an update after using this phone since September.

    The main reason I switched from the gs3 was for better battery life, and the 816 is still lasting all day on cm12. So overall, I'm still happy that I switched.

    I picked up my wife's gs3 the other day and remembered that the size is way more comfortable to use than the 816. My hands aren't huge, so I have to use two hands way too often. I'm thinking my next phone will be smaller again.

    The selection for cases is pretty limited, and since the phone is so big, a good grippy case is necessary. I couldn't find one that's good enough for me.
  12. Usman hashim

    Usman hashim Lurker

    plzzz help me
    Dears I have galaxy s3 and want to purchase desire 816...
    which one is best.
    Am I purchase htc desire 816 or not?
    help me because i doesn't know anything about desire 816

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