HTC Desire Bluetooth with BMW iDrive


Hi everyone

My wife has decided to use my HTC Desire handset and so I set eveything up and paired it to the BMW bluetooth in our X1.

First time everything worked and I thought great. So later on in the evening she decided to configure the handset a bit. She added pictures to the contacts, etc

Got in the car and some strange things happened. It listed last name first. Although on the first attempt it listed everything correct. Not a biggy. Contacts were missing which I later found out was due to the pictures. Upon removing he pictures the contract re-appeared in the iDrive.

But this is what is puzzling me. she has two contacts called Mum & Dad Home. In the car it displays as Home, & . Why would it miss the Mum Dad bit and just display the & sign??

Also is there anyway to display the bluetooth contacts as Frist, Lant name. I seeing in google contacts it doesn't specify this. So I'm assuming if it's a handset setting or the car is doing it.

Thanks in advance