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HTC Desire C Homepage problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PollyB, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. PollyB

    PollyB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Though not a newbie to the technological revolution I have only just bought my own smart phone.
    As above - HTC Desire C on O2. I believe it is running Ice Cream Sandwich with the recent update. My problem occured before the update so it isn't that.

    I have fiddled and messed with it quite a lot and now have managed to get the homepage stuck with no weather clock. I quite like this widget and would like it back. I have tried the long press and then dragging it back on to the home screen from the widget collection. It then asks me which city (fine) and dissappears. I only have four small widgets on the screen and loads of space so I am a bit baffled.:thinking:

    Any help out there ?

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  2. PollyB

    PollyB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Pleeeease guys !!!
    Someone out there may have an idea.

    If not, how do I reset my phone completely to factory settings? I have all contacts/pictures etc backed up.
  3. SpikyAndroid3

    SpikyAndroid3 Member

    Hi PollyB,

    I'm not sure how to fix your problem "exactly", but I can suggest you remove the widget and reboot your phone. If that doesn't work, I suggest you start googling.

    Depending on how much you use your phone and if you really want to factory reset it then I suggest you backup everything - How to back up your Android phone | How To - CNET
    Once that is done you can locate factory reset by going into settings -> SD and Phone Storage -> Factory Reset.

    However, I do not suggest you do that as there might be a straight forward solution.
  4. RogerWD

    RogerWD Newbie

    Hi PollyB

    Lets try this the 4 items on the home page either move them to another screen or remove them altogether you can add back later, once you have a blank home screen power down the phone.
    Once the phone is turned off, take back off and remove battery for 5 to 10 seconds then replace battery and back, restart phone.
    Now you should be able to touch and hold screen then select the clock/weather widget fingers crossed this will work
    any time there appears a problem powering down and removing the battery does a reset (you don't lose any data)
    lets see how this goes first

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