HTC Desire car Charging

Hi guys,

just been away for the weekend and used the Desire as a sat nav.

Now my issue was charging, i had a default Micro USB cable with a CHEAP Cigarette Lighter to USB Adapter.

Now when TRYINg to charge my Desire it git VERY hot and didn't seem to charge, the battery was still going down when using sat nav, and increasingly getting hot.

has anyone got any ideas, advice or recommendations......

Also the SMALLER the better when it comes to the Lighter adapter, as its right next to my hand break etc and gets in the way if tall

Its either the way above or to get the HARD wired BRODIT cradle


The link submitted above doesn't seem to work anymore. Basically I'm having the same problem as the op. I have a cheap cigarette adaptor, could this be the problem? Any help or link to working thread very much appreciated.


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Branded HTC cigarette lighter and cable works very good. It charges like a mains charger and not a USB.

However I haven't used Nav, just 3G and voice.
If the day is hot and it's sitting in a window it should get hot.

Maybe hot too from both much work (Nav) and charging at same time.


I'm having the same issue, although I wouldn't be suprised if it just isn't keeping up. Using google navigation (with gps) for a full 4 hour trip while charging the phone ended on 36%. I have a feeling without the charger it wouldn't have lasted the whole time.

Edit: Yeah it appears it's only charging at 500mA, thought I had bought a 1A charger.


I drove 100 miles (couple of hours) yesterday with Google navigation (gps and data) on throughout. Started with the battery at 70%. Arrived home and the battery was at 100%. This was using the HTC charger (


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The htc cc c200 is compact charges at a full 1000ma. (more than enough for keeping up with satnav ) and can be had for less than 10 pounds. But using this its likely to make your phone even hotter because it delivers twice the current of most usb chargers so get a vent mounted holder to keep out cool.


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I had the same problem as others had with a genuine HTC charger in my '97 Renault Megane. However, I returned it and bought this one super cheap for