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Htc desire cases

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by colrey, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. mikey_mike

    mikey_mike Newbie

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  2. HellsBells

    HellsBells Newbie

    These days most handbags (and man-bags) have these magnetic clasps so I'm pretty sure if they affected phones it would have been reported as a problem before now.
  3. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    Here's some pics of my black resin gel FlexiCase. It's got a semi-transparent smoke colour with the descrete HTC dots pattern, and the HTC logo can be seen through it on the back face. My Desire is the black version and the case seems to 'absorb' the colour and looks really good on the phone.

    The case has a raised section that covers the power button and volume controls, preventing dust getting in the phone, and the front edge is raised slightly on all sides so it can be placed screen-down without the phone touching the surface. It's a really snug fit.

    I got it from eBay UK:
    [​IMG]BLACK RESIN Soft Gel Case for the HTC DESIRE on eBay (end time 05-Sep-10 22:16:06 BST)

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  4. UKseagull

    UKseagull Android Enthusiast

  5. 1981

    1981 Android Enthusiast

  6. mikey_mike

    mikey_mike Newbie

  7. RetroDude

    RetroDude Well-Known Member

    Yeh its a hard case, ebay search for "Soft Net Hole Back Case Cover Skin"

    I laughed when it says it offers dust a dirt protection, its full of holes mate...

    EDIT: It is a nice case but not going to get it i dont think.
  8. harttach

    harttach Guest

    the desire and hero which one is usefull?about the device
  9. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Android Expert

    1. This is a thread about phone cases
    2. What? :thinking:
  10. RetroDude

    RetroDude Well-Known Member

    Well went for a run there, using desire as a media player, bad choice of shorts resulted in phone falling from pocket. Case mate barely there saves the day, its covered in scratches and chips. Phone is almost perfect (one slight scratch on bottom of the phone near the micro usb slot) guess i was lucky it didnt land face down.

    CASES FTW :)
  11. susst1

    susst1 Newbie

    Received my case mate tough thru the post, cannot rate it highly enough real quality and looks as thou it'll do the job if, or rather when I driop the phone. You get what you pay for but at
  12. susst1

    susst1 Newbie

  13. Bren_D

    Bren_D Newbie

    Has anyone got any experience with Otterbox Commuter cases with other devices?

    Is it worth waiting for it, and probably paying an extra
  14. Wlliam.

    Wlliam. Member

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  15. Lukechan

    Lukechan Newbie

    Yesterday I took delivery of a CaseMate Tough. I looked around for ages but couldn't find anything I really liked the look of. Then I stumbled upon the 'Tough'. Well, it is the best case there is for the Desire, bar none. Here's why:

    It has a black (and it is actually a solid black) rubber inner and a black outer made from a harder material. Great protection and great looking.

    The two fit inside each other perfectly to create the perfect case. It is grippy to hold (phone now actually feels better to hold than without the case.

    It does not get in the way of any part of the screen and importantly, does not cover the proximity sensor.

    It does not cover the bottom buttons.

    It is a nice tight fit - no baggy sides!

    It covers the volume buttons which is great because it stops me from changing the volume accidentally (which was very annoying).

    All the cut-outs are perfect - this is for the Desire, not a Nexus one - the shape of the hard outer even follows the contour of the chin on the Desire.

    Combined with a Martin Fields screen protector (also awesome) there is nothing else you will ever need.

    Got mine from Play.com for
  16. Bren_D

    Bren_D Newbie

    Cheers, that's exactly the sort of answer I was looking for :) There isn't much in it for me in terms of looks, so I might well continue to wait for the Otterbox.
  17. Lukechan

    Lukechan Newbie

    The Casemate Tough I have is very good quality. Nice materials, nice fit, nice finish.

    I am an engineer and refuse to buy rubbish. If the Casemate was poor it would have gone straight back.
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  18. JasonC

    JasonC Android Enthusiast

    I've just ordered the tough to go with my Gelli, Barely There and AquaPac!
  19. rodman_uk

    rodman_uk Lurker

  20. OFI

    OFI Android Enthusiast

    Official HTC Leather Pouch just arrived :) looks and feels great.

    I thought that Barely There case was a slim rubber one. Not so interested in it now. The tough one does look tough but pretty big!

    Think i'll go with the pouch for now and hope I don't drop it.
  21. ProdigalGil

    ProdigalGil Lurker

  22. matluz

    matluz Newbie

    My son has an iphone which snaps together front to back and this has a built in screen protector. Can anyone recommend a case with a built in screen protector not one you stick on the screen mine always comes off with the heat.


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