May 24, 2010
Hi all,

is there any way of checking on HTC desire the full description and brand of each component on the phone and drivers?

The goal is to compare 2 Desires and find if there are any diferences on it.
Because for exemple on the wifi MAC I think i have diferent brand a coleague of mine. His MAC starts with 00:... and mine 38:...
Well... I will not comment your inputs as I rather believe that you did not understood my question/comment.

I mentioned his MAC start's with different numbers. According to my understanding MAC addresses assignment are under the IEEE so that no duplicate MAC will be produced. IEEE says that each manufacturer will be assigned an ID and then he can decide further ID's. Let's say the first 3 bytes (38:00:F4) will belong to an organization and so on.

After the explanation... back to my original question..
Is there a way of checking full description of the components on the Desire?