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HTC Desire HD Coming To North America?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by NowVoyager, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    With all the talk about the HTC Desire HD in the UK, it is comforting to know that according to Gizmodo, HTC confirmed that we could possibly get our hot little hands on this great phone "later this year" in the US! When and Where Can You Buy the HTC Desire HD and Z Phones?

    This would be in keeping with the Tmo Roadmap which has yet to drop that Emerald Project beast that is slated for November 5th or thereabouts. This would be it...4.3 inch screen...8 Mega-pixel dual flash camera...720p Camcorder, onboard eReader with highlight/quick lookup...This puppy even knows when its in the bottom of my purse and rings louder so that I can *hear* it, or even helps me to locate it if it gets lost! And when my friends call, it not only gives me their Caller ID, but it also shows me their latest status updates from Facebook etc, and tells me if they have a birthday or event coming up before I answer the call! This phone is a beast, I tell you!!!

    Despite the lack of the much bally-hoo'd dual core processor...yep, I'm ready for it. Since April, I'm ready for it, LOL when we began talking about its other earlier incarnations.

    G2? I don't think so!!!

    YouTube - HTC Desire HD - A Closer Look


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